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Top SEO Tips You Should Keep in Mind as a Web Developer


If organic search results are going to be the primary source of traffic to your website, you will need to keep this in mind throughout the process of coding the pages. Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot more to SEO than content marketing, synonyms, and keywords. A lot of the code which goes into the site itself determines how well it will perform in the foreseeable future. Put Yourself on the Map The first thing you must do is ensure that your page is accessible to Google and other search engines and that the content can be seen …

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How to choose experts to design templates for Digital Signage


The digital display has become an amazing means of marketing products for the retailers. Quite a number of people are enjoying the adverts placed on the screens. Their clarity makes viewing images to be interesting for the prospective clients. This has made retailers to enjoy huge profits. However, the designing of the templates is very crucial. You must know how to choose a designer. Past contracts You must start by seeking an individual that has done several past contracts in the past. That is a sign that those experts have an experience in this work. You can view some of …

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Detect Malicious Code in Your Site


Internet is an open source medium where millions of real time users are staring you. You never know at which instant of time you will be trapped with a malicious attack, which can harm your web presence to a wide extent. Thus, to remain aware of any such event and to know the tips that can save you in the future run, is an intelligent move. If you are using a WordPress website, it makes you lucky enough to deal these intruders. As WordPress has gained utmost popularity, it is much susceptible to hackers as being their soft target. A …

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14 Nifty Image and Video Resources to Spice Up Your Web Design


For over decades of innovation, web design has gone into a significant leap of improvements. Initially, the basic HTML was the primary face of the web – dull, boring, disorganized, and limited features, browsing the internet at that moment seems to be lifeless. In this reason, innovators have spent a lot of time to think of how they could change the way we see and use the web and to better liven it up. Years of hard work and patience paid off as the web design consequently enhanced, better versions were introduced and a lot more features were added. Some …

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Quickly Create High-quality Visual Content with Shutterstock Editor


The best way to reach your intended market is by providing a visual component to your existing strategy, most of product marketing that are done in social media consists of images. This is easily done with big businesses who employ the best designers. How about for the small business owners who rely to their basic knowledge of putting images and text together to meet with their marketing or print needs? Shutterstock Editor is out of beta and launching four new features to make design effortless for the small business owners, social media managers, and digital marketers who need to quickly …

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Six Sigma of SEO: 5 Methods for Scaling Enterprise Operation


Six Sigma is nothing, but the set of tools and techniques required for the improvement of the process. It helps the companies to improve the quality of the products. Various industries starting from IT to the military use the Six Sigma method. The methodology is known as the DMAIC process – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Define:  If you want to improve the SEO process, you must identify the primary problem. You must identify the target market, the demand for the products and services and the main problem. Try labeling properly what actually you are trying to accomplish during …

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How to create an Inspiring Logo Design


A logo design is a symbol that represents a company. It helps people to recognize the company on the spot and provides them the company’s first impression too. For building a strong brand image in the market, it is essential for businesses to know the importance of creating an imperative logo design. In this article, we will discuss: An overview of logo design The importance of a good logo design Characteristics of a good logo design Things to avoid while creating an imperative logo design An overview of logo design: A logo is a graphical representation or an emblem that …

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30+ Pricing Page Examples for Your Web Design Inspiration


Putting up a website for your products and hope for the best to reach a numerous clients online is something business people are eager to have. Providing a brief product description and the real pictures of it is something that web viewer enjoy when they are browsing for business website. But that is not all, make sure that you provide your customers an attractive way so that they will no longer bounce to other websites. The best part to attract your online customer is by presenting them a best and captivating appearance of your pricing page. This is one of …

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Gold Rush II: High Definition Wallpaper Free to Download


The creativity that comes from within the artist is no doubt overflowing. This is one essential element that brings out the best output when working on a design project. Being creative is triggered with some inspiration, some of us prefer to spend some time in a quiet and serene place to gather our thoughts before designing. It may be a graphic design, web design, illustrations and 3d’s, we need at least a hint of inspiration where we draw our final concept. Some of the artists also prefer to have a quick and out of the box inspiration, those motivation that …

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Printed Objects: Advertising in Various Shapes


In 2015, eMarketer reported that mobile advertising is responsible for the largest share of the growth of global ad market for the next four years. With increased mobile usage, mobile advertising has likewise expanded. However, it is projected that come 2018 there will be saturation specifically in mobile ads ( Even now, we see plenty of digital ads on social media, as is almost everything else – like that Facebook picture from the past you kept buried yet people always dig up somehow. But that’s beside the point. What we’re emphasizing here is there’s just too much advertising going on, …

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