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365 Days of Prince Illustrations are now Tribute to the Music Icon


Rebekah Major, an artist from Rhode Island who illustrated Prince every day for a year says the project will now serve as a tribute to the music icon. She began the project  “365 Days of Prince” in March 2015 to improve as an artist. She drew the pop music superstar in “every ridiculous way” she could think of once a day. She was inspired by moments within the last year of the musician’s life, current events and more. 365 Days of Prince is a online publication in which a new pen and ink illustration depicting the musician Prince is published daily. …

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Promote Your Organization with Custom Flags


Nothing catches the eye quite like a well-designed and high-flying flag. However, what do you do with the flag once you have it is another question entirely. Read on to learn some ways to promote your organization with a customized flag. Place a Flag Outside of Your Business Have any of your customers ever mentioned that your business is difficult to locate? Are you located in a remote area, or an area that is so busy you are lost in the clutter? If so, then you may be able to help customers find your business with a customized flag advertising …

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13 Proven Tips To Turn Street Photography Into Works Of Art


If you thought street photography has already permeated social media forums and taken the world by storm, you’d be surprised by how much bigger it would get in the next 10 years. More and more people are getting interested in this controversial-yet-alluring branch of photography. And given how we live in the smartphone era, where our phones double up as powerful camera itself, anyone who clicks a random black and white image of a deserted street have started calling themselves street photographers. Not to undermine anyone’s work but if you want to stay ahead of the herd – join the …

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1000+ Free Blobs Flat Icons with Two Styles


Most of the designers who loves to work and get their designing task to be done swiftly and without risking the superiority of their output. The trick is to scout for free design pack out there that you can use and immediately drag to your canvas and make some little adjustment to fulfill the needs. Flat design is still the hottest style right now. As a result, there are plenty of fantastic flat design resources available. Baianat ­recently released free flat style icon sets for use in your personal and commercial projects.

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Captain America: Civil War Movie Poster for Spiderman Fanatics


The Captain America: Civil War trailer number two was released last week and everyone looses their mind it the last part of the clip. The long awaited joining of the Spiderman to these superheroes collaboration movies is finally here! You can check the history of Spiderman’s role in the ‘Civil War’ Comics here. Numerous of memes were then created by fans to show support to the amazing Spiderman. This time, we will feature a movie posters that shows more of Spiderman designed by Kode Logic via Behance.

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18 Free Various Illustration Patterns of Arab Countries


The art of decoration has evolved with every civilization evolution according to each civilization culture and roots. The Islamic art of decoration has started during the eighth century in the early age of Islamic civilization affected by Roman and Persian arts. Muslim artists also added their unique and special sense in the art of decoration and developed it depending on scientific progress in science and mathematics. This unique touch was affected by Islamic philosophy in monotheism as the origin of everything is one. So the decorations relied primarily on unity and repetition concept using abstract and complicated geometric decorations starting …

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15 Unique Mountain Logo Designs for Inspiration


In today’s post, we’ve collected a number of Mountain-inspired logos with unique colour combinations and composition that are truly eye-catching. You can use this as case study to your next logo projects. See how one differs to each other when it comes to the different elements infused and their many interpretations. Speaking of mountains, the Mountain Province in the northern part of the Philippines is one of the most popular and most breath-taking places in the country. Everyone wanted to go there, everyone wants to go on a trip to Sagada (one of the municipalities in Mt. Province.) Ask  anyone …

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80 Corporate & Event Flyer Templates with Extended License(99% off)


What’s the easiest way to grab someone’s attention in an instant? Whether you’re promoting a corporate event or a club night – flyers are the way to go. That’s why InkyDeals teamed up with the guys from CodeGrape to bring you a huge collection of 80 eye-catching flyers in PSD format. All these resources come with unique design, making them irresistible for whoever gets one of them. Plus, they are covering so many categories – from holidays, to corporate to parties (and more!) – that you will definitely find something that suits your needs. What you get: Easy to edit …

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Free 9 Valentines Day Label PSD


We are almost done with the first month of the 2016 and as we are slowly getting back on track with our daily routine and getting away from the festivities we had last year. The love month is on its way and as a designer, I am already planning ahead and preparing with the stuff that are needed to challenge those design projects for the Valentine’s day. If you are lucky to have all the time needed to work on designing Valentine’s poster, brochure and flyers, then I bet you will rely on your own creativity in producing such wonderful print …

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Free Spicy Treats UI Kit


A gorgeous restaurant website or application needs incredible ingredients such as: modern design, handpicked elements and inspiring layout. Carefully crafted sliders, buttons, footers and tabs are part of this wonderful restaurant UI kit making Spicy Treats UI perfect for a BBQ restaurant or bar website. It can be also used for an online coffee shop. Check out some of its awesome features: Layered PSD files Scalable vector graphics Free open fonts used Commercial use licence Made for 960 Grids Free kit updates This free UI kit is courtesy of PixelKit

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