15 Amazingly Inventive Examples Of Geeky Papercraft

Have you heard? Papercraft is the new destination for obsessive-compulsive geeks (like us) to express their nerdy fandom. But how much range can you really get from folded paper? We’re glad you asked! Here’s 15 of our favourite nerd-powered creations:

Howl’s Moving Castle

credit: Ben.Millett

Ben Millet was a man with a vision: and that vision was to spend 72 hours crafting this loving tribute to Howl’s Moving Castle. Kudos, Ben, for referencing one of our favourite films and doing it superbly well – you win all of the internets.


credit: Warm ‘n Fuzzy

Have you ever wasted an afternoon rolling the entire Earth into a giant ball of stuff simply because a giant monster space king thing told you to? Then you’re either clinically insane or a fan of Katamari – the most goddamn addictive game we’ve, frankly, ever played.


credit: Crackpot Papercraft

Trust the internet to see an impossible shape and find a way to make it real. This homage to MC Esher tickles not just our fancy, but every conceivable aesthetic G spot on our (stylishly skinny) bodies.

Stewie Griffin

credit: Nerea Marta

This simple, box-like Stewie gets the expression so darn right it warms the cockles of our heart. Altogether now, engage accent and: damn you!

In & Out

credit: ocularinvasion

Teleporting hipster-bear tumbling into an unstoppable loop of infinite regression – amazingly strange or strangely amazing? Discuss.


credit: antitezo

So it’s time for a protest, but you’ve left your trademarked V for Vendetta mask at home again like the fool you are. What’s a boy to do? Simple: build your own!

Ceiling Cat

credit: TenSafeFrogs

It wouldn’t be the internet without a picture of cat in here somewhere, and here it is. Though, thanks to its size and the way it appears to be morphing into a ceiling tile, we’re kinda stuck as to whether it’s super-cute or slightly terrifying.


credit: PuyoDead

The quickest way to detect a gamer is to show them this photo and see what happens. If they jump up and down in girlish delight, they’re OK. If they simply look blank, feel free to defriend them NOW.


credit: Centella.

Paper Mario is to papercraft what the Sistine Chapel is to ceiling frescos – the absolute pinnacle. How long this probably took we don’t even want to guess; but was it worth it? Heck yes.

Toro Alado

credit: Daniel Naranjo

This menacing cross of a bull and albatross seems to have crawled straight from the brain of Guillermo del Toro one sleepless Halloween night. Spooky, strange and very cool.


credit: Anand Krishnamoorthi

That’s right: you too can now recreate the Battle of Hoth in your living room, armed only with a handful of paper and almost superhuman patience. None of that ‘simply buying the toys’ nonsense for us grownups. What do you take us for?


credit: barron

Paper Pokes – allowing you to recreate the lamest Pokémon in the comfort of your own home. Where the heck is Pikachu goddamnit?

Game Boy Shadow Box

credit: Camera Wences

Heh heh. Yeah, we like: a miniature trip down memory lane, etched out in paper. Anyone else remember wasting literally years of their life playing that thing? Oh good, it’s not just us.


credit: Stéfan

The paper Stormtrooper may not be much cop, but we’re loving this pairing of the old and new ‘toys’. Postmodern comment on the franchise’s diminishing returns or just a cool picture? You decide.

Steve Jobs

credit: Jesus Belzunce

Finally, is there anything geekier than building your own paper Steve Jobs and making it fight a giant Android logo? If there is, we’ve yet to hear about it.

Ron Loeman is the head of digital strategy at London based printing company Print Express. In his spare time he loves gaming and dabbling in the art of papercraft.

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