22 Inspirational Examples of Minimal Web Design

Web designer needs also motivation specially when things are rough and can’t get to the right track to start a certain web project. Good thing that in our world today, there are a lot of resources where we can turn our attention to develop and gain our creativity. Sometimes we found ourselves looking at a lot of website to find inspiration and we go through one by one, take those element placements, colors and how it was done to flow accordingly.

Colors and image placement plays an important role when it comes to web designing, a slight move of the color picker to a wrong hue will ruin the whole design, also placing an image to improper place will do the same. To avoid these circumstances, as a web designer, we will have a proper planning of the concept that we want in designing, but if thing are in a short period of time, we might want to settle in a minimalist design, where we uses most of white and light colors.

Here are 22 handpicked minimal web designs for inspiration, so no need to go elsewhere. Also, you can check this collection of award winning web design.


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