365 Days of Prince Illustrations are now Tribute to the Music Icon

Rebekah Major, an artist from Rhode Island who illustrated Prince every day for a year says the project will now serve as a tribute to the music icon. She began the project  “365 Days of Prince” in March 2015 to improve as an artist. She drew the pop music superstar in “every ridiculous way” she could think of once a day. She was inspired by moments within the last year of the musician’s life, current events and more.

365 Days of Prince is a online publication in which a new pen and ink illustration depicting the musician Prince is published daily. The project will last for 365 days. Everyday Prince has a new adventure! The project is also viewable on Instagram,Twitter, Tumblr, & Facebook (@iheartbekart ).  She started the Prince project to challenge myself! She wanted to be committed to completing illustrations daily, and hone my craft. She feel as though completing a small piece daily is a good regimen for myself. Rebekah hope her illustrations can bring smiles daily!

365 Days of Prince can be viewed on her blog https://iheartbekart.wordpress.com/

prince-illustration-01 prince-illustration-02 prince-illustration-03 prince-illustration-04 prince-illustration-05 prince-illustration-06 prince-illustration-07 prince-illustration-08 prince-illustration-09


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