4 Crucial WordPress Plugins That Improve Inbound Marketing Strategies

WordPress is one of the most innovative website design tools ever created. Since most companies spent a lot of money on website design, WordPress is indeed the answer to complex web designs. WordPress has numerous plugins that are essential in inbound marketing.

You may remember that inbound marketing depends on the buyer’s purchase funnel that involves attracting potential clients, converting the clients, closing in, and expressing delight. For completion of this funnel from beginning to the end, WordPress has the best plugins to ensure that your online marketing strategies do not fail. These plugins are categorized into four. They include:

1 .Plugins to attract visitors

The key to inbound marketing is creating content that targets a buyer persona. Therefore, when the content is out, the potential site visitor will be attracted to it and click to find more information. The best way of attracting the visitors is by leveraging the power of social media and using strong SEO strategies.

One such plugin is the WordPress SEO by Yoast; this plug in improves on-page SEO by ensuring that you have the best unique keywords, best meta descriptions, keywords on the first paragraph, and a reasonable keyword density.

2. Client conversion plugins

Clicking your website and surfing the pages isn’t sufficient. Inbound marketing aims at converting visitors into clients and this is made possible by conversion plug ins. These include:

Landing pages

The WordPress Landing Page has been created to facilitate direct sales. Since a client has been attracted to your site, you must convince them to stay and get the service or product. A landing page should be a direct representative of a specific item or service with precise details of the product or service. Avoid landing pages with confusing information. Landing pages give visitors the extra nudge needed for the purchase to be completed.

The plugin also has the capacity to monitor and track conversion rates on the page meaning the marketing campaign can be adjusted in time if things aren’t running as they should.

Besides the WordPress landing page, there also is the Call to Action plugin that makes it possible for convert an attracted visitor into a lead.

3. Lead nurturing, management, and email marketing

WordPress CRM and WordPress Leads are essential plugins for lead nurturing or management. Once a lead had clicked on the landing page, this tool helps you to know their next step. If they go through the checkout process but halt at the last step, you can talk to them and find out why they abandoned cart.

This is the role of email marketing and makes it possible for you to know if your system has technical difficulties. You can also remind the potential clients the time remaining until the offer for using this plugin expires.

4. Expression of delight

The best thing that you can do to your clients, especially one who just completed their transaction is to thank them for the services rendered.  Thank the customer for their purchase. There are plugins for this and they will make it easier for you to follow-up on clients.

In conclusion, plugins are essential for the success of your inbound marketing strategy. Rather than using WordPress for your blogs only, you should consider taking advantage of the plugins available to create a fully functional business website out of it.

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