5 Things You Can Do with a Custom Calendar

There are a number of companies that let you create custom calendars. Whether you need one calendar or hundreds, you can custom design the calendar and have the company print out what you need. There are actually a number of great uses for custom calendars. If you’re running for mayor or need a fundraiser item, custom calendars are a great item. Here are just five things you can do with a custom calendar.

Political Campaigns

Political campaigns always involve bumper stickers, pens and other items that get the candidate’s face in front of the people. A political calendar, however, it a great way to show what you can do for your community. For example, each month can feature a picture relevant to a topic you’re passionate about. You may take photos of the public parks or schools. Regardless, this is a great way to get your image out there.

Family Gifts

Custom calendars also make wonderful family gifts. You could create calendars that feature a different family members each month and round out the calendar with a group family photo. You could even make a calendar that features all the children or pets of the family. Either way, this is a fun gift that everyone is sure to love.


A custom calendar is an excellent choice for any type of fundraiser. Whether you’re raising money for animals or the city park, a custom calendar is a great gift to give in return for a donation. Your calendar may feature photos of animals at the rescue shelter or pictures of your beautiful town. Either way, it’s a nice gift to thank those that are supporting your cause.


Businesses are always looking for little items to thank current customers and attract new ones. A custom calendar is a great gift to hand out as the new year approaches. It’s a small way to thank customers for their business and remind potential customers that you care about their business. Some companies even choose to include coupons that can be used for that month throughout the calendar.

Money Maker

Last, but not least, you can actually make money with custom calendars. With companies like CafePress, you can create a custom calendar to sell in your shop. This is an excellent option if you’re a photographer. You could create several calendars based on different niches. For example, you might create dog, cat, and bird calendars.

Custom calendars have many uses. Whether you’re trying to attract business or want to start a business, custom calendars are a great choice. Best of all, they’re fun to design and make excellent gifts.

Marcel Bigg is always looking for new ways to expand his photography business and make money online. Creating custom calendars is just another method he’s found for showcasing his talents!

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