5 Free Tools for Making Mobile Website

The next big thing in the era of web browsing is the mobile web browsing. Creating a mobile version of a website does sound a little difficult, however, this is not really true. Today, we have readymade kits and tools for accomplishing these tasks, which make it look more like child’s play. These tools are both paid and also come for free. Here, we focus on the five best available tools for the purpose.

1. The goMobi Mobile Site Builder

This is one amazing and quick mobile website builder. It gives the user a thorough smartphone experience on any mobile device. It uses varied templates to aid in the customization of unique features. It allows various contact features and social media integrations, with accompanying high customization features and reporting via Google Analytics.

2. The Google Mobile Optimizer

This tool helps the user in converting any normal website into a mobile website quickly and with the least efforts. This website does not allow any customization options, however, it is easy to use and well suited to be viewed on a mobile device.

3. The Mobile Press

This is an easy, quick, hassle-free and a simple WordPress plug-in. It assists users in creating a mobile version of any WordPress powered website. It is free, easy to work with tool and very useful.

4. The Wix mobile site builder

This tool aids its users to create beautiful interactive mobile websites. It creates a professional layout and allows highly advanced features. It responds well to multimedia needs like those of photographers and designers, it assists well small businesses and also aids other kinds of users well. This is an advanced mobile website building tool and responds well to a numerous display and use of pictures as well.

5. The iWebKit

The iWebKit uses a very simplistic setup for creating a mobile website or the iPhone and the iPod touch. This is a simple professional tool which can be effectively used without any technical knowledge whatsoever. However, we cannot really claim it to be extremely user-friendly too, as some other tools available in the market. Though, this is claimed to be super-suitable for beginners, accompanied with all the required instructions.

It is important to understand that today’s mobile browsing scene is not similar to any normal browser scenario, hence, it leaves us with no choice than having a mobile-friendly website design, with no other option.

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