5 Geeky Office Gadgets

There are millions of office workers in the UK ranging from administration, creative design, finance and every other industry you can think of. I work in the printer consumables industry and we’re an internet business so mine and my colleagues work day consists of being in the office at every moment (except for lunches and breaks of course) and to make our time more interesting we organise lots of fun team building sessions and meetings.

It’s also important to keep yourself motivated on an individual level to keep you going through the day. One method of achieving this is to have some gadgets around your desk. Below are 5 such gadgets. Some geeky, some fun and some quite silly too.

Wiki USB Fridge


This is my favourite. Every office worker drinks cans and many drink numerous cans a day. How many of you purchase a 6 or 12 pack at the beginning of the week and bring a few cans with you to the office daily? The Problem with this is many a time, there is no fridge available to cool the can down so on a hot summer (in the UK!?) day when you’re craving a cold drink, you’re forced to drink your very own can of pop. What’s wrong with this? The can will be warm.

Desk-Sized Catapult


Do colleagues ever annoy you? I thought so. Now you can get your own back! This Desk size catapult is the looks well cool and is small enough to hide away.

Plug Mug


I’m quite certain you can guess what this is for. Have you ever brought your own cup into work and the following week it’s disappeared? Then a week later you find it 3 floors up on another desk with numerous stains?

The plug mug allows you to keep the ‘plug’ with you at all times (without which the cup cannot be used) so no person will be taking you cup anytime soon.

Fail/Win Stamps


Who’s heard of FailBlog? Who loves to watch fail and win videos on YouTube? Now you can ‘Fail’ or ‘Win’ in the office. Has a colleague done a fantastic report? Use the ‘Win’ stamp. Done a bad job due to a legitimate reason? Use the ‘Fail’ stamp! This would cheer them up and keep them motivated.

Excalibur 630 USB Foam Fan


Some office workers love to have a small fan under the desk to keep cool. The problem is it could be a hazard and potentially injure you. And if there are small children around, you can have a fan under the desk. The alternative? The Excalibur 630 USB Foam Fan. It’s safe, looks good and does the trick.

Do you have any to add?

Ahmed Bhula works for Cartridge Monkey who are one UK’s leading ink cartridges supplier. He is interested in all things internet marketing and loved to blog about Design and development. He joined the company earlier this year. When he’s not working, you can find him in a fast food restaurant!

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