Six Sigma of SEO: 5 Methods for Scaling Enterprise Operation

Six Sigma is nothing, but the set of tools and techniques required for the improvement of the process. It helps the companies to improve the quality of the products. Various industries starting from IT to the military use the Six Sigma method. The methodology is known as the DMAIC process – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

Define:  If you want to improve the SEO process, you must identify the primary problem. You must identify the target market, the demand for the products and services and the main problem. Try labeling properly what actually you are trying to accomplish during the process. For example, you may be focusing on the ranking or the revenue. For identifying the target market, you may use two main information sources.

  • Market Research: With the help of the market research, you can find out the different types of people who are interested in your brand or industry.
  • Existing Customers: Your existing customers can help you to find out your weakness or problem. They may play the role of determining your budget and the motivating factors.


If you can club both the information, you can clearly visualize what exactly the customers are expecting.

Measure:  After completing the identification stage, you can go through the analytics to find out where exactly you are standing. For example, it will measure the current ranking status of the primary keywords, your position with respect to your competitors, etc. The analytics will, therefore, pinpoint the areas where you require improvement. This stage will help you in understanding whether the content is well optimized and your process team is well aware of improving the content for the distribution. The SEO agency Mumbai can help you in guiding throughout the entire process of DMAIC.

Analyze:  Now that you have defined and measured, it is the high time that you move on for analyzing. The brands should now be able to discover their own problems and their drawbacks. For example, an audit in your content process may reveal that there are various gaps in your material that the buyers are not getting attracted. For gaining success in the SEO process, you must check the following factors like :

  • Type of Content
  • Guest posts or social posts
  • Change in the buyer personas
  • Exact target keywords

Improve:  After analyzing and finding out the weak points, you can now focus on improving. You can take steps towards your goals by improving on your initial measurements. You can accumulate information starting from the definition phase. Therefore, you can identify the intent of your target audience easily. You can use this information for improving the SEO strategies:

  • Identify the steps of optimization for reaching your goal
  • Your existing content can be lined up for focusing on your target market
  • If there are any gaps, you can easily fill those gaps
  • Find out the backlinks for a proper distribution system

Control:  As soon as you begin achieving the results, you continue with the analysis and the measurement for taking control of your progress. For measuring your outcomes, you can be guided by the numbers instead guesswork. These efficient policies can help you in keeping control over the results. You must be aware of the adjustments that provided you with the positive changes.

As the entire SEO industry is becoming saturated and competitive, brands are actually forced for improving their processes and maximizing their efficiency. When you are looking forward to identifying your problems and improving on them through analysis and control, you can easily depend on the Six Sigma SEO process.

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