6 Ways to Land your First Graphics Design Client

As a newbie in the graphics design business you probably already know that your business is going to be rather worthless without any sort of clients. If you’re just starting out, here are some ways that you can consider in order to land that first design client that will start your freelance business:

Set up a portfolio of your best work

The most important asset of a graphic designer or any freelancer is the portfolio. It is a sample of what you can do and what the client can expect from you. It identifies you as what kind of graphics design which will be used by clients to measure up with other potential service providers. Remember, you are not the only one jockeying for the job. Make sure to make a lasting impression.

Sign up on outsourcing sites

Outsourcing sites is a way for you to meet potential clients. It is a way for you to bid for projects. Think of it as a talent marketplace where talent meets employers. Being a marketplace, it is also affected by the law of supply and demand. It means your fee can be dictated on how many graphics designers are also peddling their wares. Clients may haggle on your fee, so be very open to get offers at reasonable prices.

Get listed in job directories

Getting your resume out there means that you make yourself available for the market and letting clients know that you are available to work on their projects. There are a lot of headhunting sites where you can look for potential clients and list your resumes so that clients can locate you.

Harness the power of social media

Believe it or not clients looking for graphics designers will use Facebook or LinkedIn to find potential freelancers. Who knows a potential client on the market for designers might like your Facebook timeline or LinkedIn profile and email you a job offer.

Blog your way to get clients

Blogging about graphics design gives you that semblance that you are indeed an expert in the field. This will bolster your credentials and more likely attract clients to hire you for their projects. You can also become a guest blogger in other design blogs.

Link up with other designers

Some designers are able to attract customers better than others. It means they could have a surplus. This means some designers could outsource them to you. In exchange the original contractor gets a cut from the fee that the client will be paying. At least you get to do some work.

A freelance graphic designer can pay dividends more than you can expect. You are your own boss and you own your time. If you want freedom and flexibility then this could be the career path that suits you.

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