7 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

You should try to think beyond Instagram when it comes to edit your favorite photos with your iPhone. You may find it great to use Instagram on your iPhone for sharing those memorable moments. However, you can try some of the latest and really useful photo editing apps for iPhone if you want the best out of your mobile photography. Stay ahead in getting more likes and views for your photos just by giving them the so called pro-treatment just like the photographers do with their bulky DSLRs and Photoshop. Let’s take a look at the 7 best iPhone photo editing apps.

Aviary Photo Editor

This app is developed by Aviary Inc. Photo Editor is purposed for essential photo editing tasks that you miss out before sharing your clicks. The latest version (2.3.0) is now available on App Store. Install the app and enjoy all the nitty-gritty benefits this app has to offer. You can easily change the contrast, saturation and brightness levels in a photo just by adjusting the slider. You can also add frames, borders and draw custom lines in your photo.

Pic Stitch 

Combine multiple photos into a single frame using this great iPhone app. Pic Stitch lets you stitch photos just like a pro level photo editing software. There are more than 200 built-in layouts. Choose whatever you want and do whatever you want to! You can also save your finished photos in 13 different aspect ratios.


This iPhone app does all the legwork for you to apply the basic editing filters such as contrast, brightness, color temperature etc. You can also rotate a picture to a viewable angle. VSCO cam lets you import high resolution images to your iPhone. There are a bunch of quick filters to save time on your editing job. Click a photo, edit it with this app and share it right away.


This app works similar to Instagram with a lot of advanced filters. You can take photo and video using this app. You can also import photos taken by your DSLR into this app. Adjust brightness, exposure, saturation and share them instantly through Facebook, twitter, Flickr or Instagram.


The name is quiet unusual for a app. However, it is a highly useful app for iPhone users to add text and funny artworks to your photos. Give your photos a voice so that you can make your friends laugh. You can also create inspiration photos by adding thoughtful quotes in an artistic image using this app.

Pic Collage

For all those picture collage fans, you can now create high quality collages on your iPhone using Pic Collage app. This app gives you total freedom in creating custom collages with a lot of filters, predefined cutouts, and touch gestures for basic operations.


Learn the secrets of taking high quality mobile phone clicks with Camera+. This app gives you a bunch of advanced photo capture and editing tools to bring out the best in you as a budding photographer. One unique feature in this app is to convert your dull photos to superbly crisp and clear ones.

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