7 Coolest iPhone Add-ons

The iPhone rose to prominence on the idea that it was an all-in-one device that allowed users to access many forms of media right from the handheld. And since its inception this functionality has made the iPhone one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Evidence of this popularity can also be seen in the App Store, which is another runaway success that deliver apps and media to the iPhone user. But while the software has never been lacking as far as the iPhone is concerned, the company has had less success with hardware add-ons.

But that is all changing thanks to some rather unique and useful add-ons that have been released in the last couple of years. Combine that with the rise in popularity of the iPhone as a vital tool for modern merchants and you have a mobile device that can benefit from a physical add-on or two.

So in the interest of heralding new iPhone hardware, here are some of the best add-ons that run the gamut from health and fitness to gaming.

iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor — $100

This add-on does come with a hefty price tag, but for those with health issues that require constant blood-pressure monitoring, it is well worth the price. Those who shell out the 100 bucks receive the physical apparatus as well as an iPhone dock.

Square – free

As mentioned above, mobile commerce is taking the world by storm. Now, merchants everywhere can perform quick credit-card transaction on their iPhone and iPad by using the card reader that plugs directly into the mobile device’s audio jack. Customers simply swipe their cards, sign the touch screen and the transaction is complete. The funds are then deposited into the merchant’s bank account in 1-2 business days.

Cinemin Slice — $249.99

It might seem a little ironic that one of the coolest new add-ons for iPhone aims to present images optimized for a smartphone screen across an entire wall, but that’s exactly the case iPhone/iPad projector. Simply pop the mobile device in the dock and the user instantly turns his or her home into a movie theater.

L5 Remote — $59.00

With the iPhone representing a similar size and shape to most modern remote controls, it was only a matter of time before someone turned it into one. iPhone users who buy the L5 Remote dongle can instantly turn their handheld into a universal remote that can control their home TV, stereo, Blu-ray player and on and on and on.

iBGStar — $99.95

This blood glucose meter add-on and mobile app is geared towards helping diabetics manage their health no matter where they may be. All that’s required is for the user to download the app, plug in the attachment, insert the test strip and perform the test. The app then handles the rest of the work by providing detailed data regarding blood glucose, insulin-dose management and carb-intake info.

WakeMate — $59.99

This useful app goes beyond a mere alarm clock and actually monitors the user’s natural sleep cycles. The idea is to develop an alarm schedule that results in the sounding of said alarm when the user is closest to his or her waking state. That way, people can wind up sleeping less yet still feeling halfway decent upon waking up.

iTrip — $49.99

This app has become famous for allowing users to broadcast their iTunes library over their car stereos. The operation of this add-on is simple: simply plug the transmitter into the iPhone and press the SmartScan button to set the frequency.

These are just a handful of the most unique, useful and coolest iPhone add-ons out there. As more and more industries begin taking note of the success these current options enjoy, expect more useful bits of hardware in the near future.

Scott Johnson is a tech writer and blogger. He writes on behalf of leading brands such as protectyourbubble.com, a cell phone insurance provider.


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