7 Hidden Secret Facts about Popular Blogs

Popular blogs are there for you to learn. You need to figure out their secrets so that you can also build your own popular blog that will make you stable income, preferably for a lifetime. Can you copy their success? Can you figure out how to make similar blog? Here are 7 hidden secret facts about popular blogs:

  1. They have their own product brand

    You might not aware about this fact. But, most popular blogs are making money through their own product. You might see some ads there, but they are just supplemental income. They do business with people through their product. And best of all, they’ve built a good brand for their product, adding more trust to their customers and attracting loyal following at the same time.
  2. They have personality behind it

    Most popular blogs are owned by individuals who have achieved good level of success in online marketing. They don’t hide behind the curtain. When you read the content on some of those popular blogs, you’ll know the style. They’re written in personal style. Yes, even though those blogs are created for business purpose, they have personality behind it that makes the relationship with their readers personal.
  3. They offer unique insights

    I guess this is what makes people want to follow those blogs. They’re offering unique insights that help people to understand more about the subject matter. Remember that the one behind those blog posts are successful individuals, so their insights are meaningful and valuable. No matter what niche they’re in, popular blogs always stand out from the crowd because they offer unique insights to their readers.

  4. They utilize guest posting to their advantage

    To minimize work, you need to let others work for you. That’s probably the definition of guest posting in a blogger’s perspective. Popular blogs are bombarded with guest posts every day. There are many bloggers that want a piece of the traffic of those popular blogs. They want to popularize their blog as well. And guess what? Popular blogs welcome those guest posts because they mean less work for the blogger. By letting other people to write guest posts, they have less work, while still maintaining the quality and traffic for their blog. In other words, most popular blogs utilize guest posting to their advantage. Note: some blogs even have their own staff writers, which is not different from accepting guest posts.
  5. Sticky content

    Why popular blogs are popular? That’s because they have high quality content that is worthy to be read over and over again. You can call it sticky content. You know, like the sticky post in online forums. Most popular blogs have sticky content that make their blog valuable. That’s why they have lots of natural backlinks, which is why those blogs have high ranking in the search engines.

  6. Posting frequency

    This is where most newbies fail with their blog. Popular blogs have high level of posting frequency. Remember that they are bombarded with guest posts every day. That makes the content always ready for them to publish. Thus, most popular blogs will have daily post update. Sometimes, they can write more than one post per day. This is true especially on tech blog, which is focused on latest news. They often have more than 10 post updates in a day. This makes those blogs always fresh in the eyes of the search engines and their readers.

  7. User-friendly design

    Most popular blogs are comfortable to read. That’s because they have good blog design. They’re using premium theme. Well, you know that most newbies are using free theme for their blog. They even use free blogging platform to host their blog. That’s why they’re failing to make money with it. Many popular blogs survive because of premium design and good content they offer.

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