The 8 Technology Marvels Of 21st Century

The 21st Century has been blessed with wonderful technology feats. There was a South African man who was an amputee but proofed to the whole world that disability is not inability. This man was called Oscar Pistorius and on the particular day he appeared for the Paralympics, he was on prosthetic blades ready to participate in the 400m race. He surprising took 45 seconds only to complete that race. When he showed such capabilities people started to re-evaluate their thinking about people who are disabled.

The increasing technology has seen men come up with very wonderful projects as listed below:

Henderson Waves

This is an extra ordinary footpath which is constructed in Singapore to connect two parks. It is constructed 118 ft high above the ground. This height qualifies it as the highest foot bridge in that country.

Grand Canyon Sky Walk

This is a great walkway which stands some 4000 feet above the Colorado River. It gives you a great experience on how it feels to walk on the sky.

Palm Jumeirah

This is an artificial Island made in the shape of a palm. This technological wonder is situated in Dubai. It is a home to luxurious hotels and very expensive villas. The project had cost the United Arab Emirates some $12 Billion USD to built it. On the process of building it, 7 ton of rock and 94million m3 was moved into the sea to make the man-made island.

The Panama Canal

This great canal was built for 34 years. With its completion, the distance between San Francisco and New York was reduced by 8,000 miles. This canal is a great connection between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

Hoover Dam

In terms of height, this is the tallest concrete arc dam in the United States of America. The dam was built on the Colorado River. It is recorded that four billion kilowatt hours of electricity is produced on this dam every single year.

The International Space Station

Astronauts are not the only people who can leave in the space station. Currently, if you can afford the $25 million dollars, you can stay in the international space station for a couple of days under the zero-gratify conditions. This is considered to be one of biggest research station in the world.

Time Warner Centre

This is one of the tallest buildings which were constructed in New York after the September 11, 2001 on the Twin Towers of Pentagon. The building is used for all purposes. There are residential quarters, offices and commercial section of the building.

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