Analysis of Facebook new official plugins for WordPress

Facebook launched a special plugin for WordPress that allows incorporating the functions of Facebook in a blog, such as like buttons, share, recommend, but most important, automatic publishing of the articles in timeline. Of course, the comments on Facebook remained, but now the comments are optimized for search engines. However, those are only the simple features offered for any WordPress blog owner. People that have the patience to install the system and to try it will probably discover more interesting features that will allow them to create a perfect connection between Facebook and their blogs.

Easy interface

Even if WordPress blog owners usually have solid internet and web design knowledge, at least at the level of basic HTML, the Facebook plugin for WordPress allows some advanced features and techniques.

–       Application creator

–       Post settings

–       Like button customization

As soon as the blog owner posts a new article on his blog, it will be distributed in the Timeline of the author immediately, and the author can even mention a few friends or other pages where he or she can add a particularized message. This is why the plugin is extremely useful for people that use Facebook services such as comments, page publishing and other features of this type. With this plugin, the WordPress community that hosts more than 17 % of the internet has a direct connection with the whole online community through the most popular social network in the world, a facility that states the good relationship between Facebook and WordPress.

Multiple posting

With the Facebook plugin for WordPress, can be distributed automatically on a large number of Facebook pages. For example, a blogger that writes an article about a singer can automatically popularize the article in his or hers Facebook page, but also on the page of the respective singer.

The widget includes a few WordPress features that allow the users to integrate functionalities such as Recommend, Recent Activity, Like, Send and Subscribe.

Maybe the most interesting feature is the fact that the comments can appear simultaneously on the blog, but also on Facebook. This way, the authors will eliminate the annoying task of posting an article several times on all the Facebook pages they want.

Perfect Facebook-Wordpress connection

WordPress is a free engine allowing people to make their own pages and blogs. WordPress always had a solid relationship with Facebook, but the connection was never so solid until the release of this product. Today, blog owners can benefit of a good platform not only for Facebook promotion, but also for optimizing their pages on Facebook, and to use the positive comments as strong promoting weapons. A great feature is the optimization of the comments on social networks, and even if this might be used by speculators to promote some bad quality pages, the concept is revolutionary as a whole. Considering the simple and effective navigating interface, we can truly say that this feature represents a revolution in the world of blogging that will be appreciated by authors and readers at the same time.

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