Focusing on The Future of Animated Video Production

Animated video is a great way to meet your marketing needs. Animated videos are one of the most powerful ways to grab people’s attention. Cartoons are one of the most interesting ways for a number of reasons, such as for the purpose of sales and marketing. Ever since childhood we have been in love with cartoons, conditions being unlimited fun, harmless entertainment other than business and sales outrage.


Animated Video Production

We gradually accept the messages which cartoons convey; not only that but the level of abstraction from cartoon allows us to focus on the bigger message. There is no doubt that the future of animated video production is very bright. Marketing csompanies are also making use of animated videos to make an impact in their mind of their target customers. So, let us provide you some insight into the process of producing animated videos.

Steps involved in animated video production

  1. Start with a story; because no one wants to get hit on the head by a product feature or a message that how great your product is, even if it is pretty awesome. It is important to draw in your audience to the story. One that relates to them or their problems that can be sorted out by your products. Make it clear who are you talking to.
  2. Knowing the main questions and concerns in the process. The best way to grab your customer’s attention is by stating a problem that they are experiencing or have experienced in the past.
  3. Showing expertise or solution necessary to solve the problem that should hold their attention.
  4. Presenting the solution. Actually backing up the claim of the solution, by showing the benefits in a stronger manner.
  5. Call to action. You can give your contact number, sign up or visit a website.
  6. Then end the video on a positive note


Once you have drafted the script, it’s time to record the voice, you can record your own voice and use the voice as the foundation for your animation. You can use the cartoon sound to animate your voice or if you want to go for a super professional edit, fade and play with your voice recording. After you have recorded or uploaded your voice, the next step is to time up the slides; adjust the voice and ring in all the visual elements. The final step is to set up the timing so that everything is synced.


Animated Video Marketing

Why is animated video production so successful?

  1. They help you engage with your prospective clients
  2. Animation is less intimidating

People love animated videos; you should also have an online video whether you are a freelancer, owner of a small business or the CEO of a multinational firm. There is two major steps in every business (a) attraction (b) conversion. You need to attract the visitor and convert them into a customer.

Let’s start with attraction, imagine a visitor comes to your site. Instead of the boring information, if you have an animated video containing all the information about your product, the viewers can actually enjoy them. People are also 39% more likely to share your content if it is a video. This means that visitors will spread your story through social media and attract more people to visit your site. Talking about conversion, 70% of the marketer’s report converts better than other contract sites because the prospects today are better and more clear.

We can Engage, Amaze our customers with amazing animated videos as

  • People remember 50% more of a visual impact than the textual impression.
  • On Google, a video stands a 50 times higher.
  • A visitor will stay 2 minutes longer on a website when they watch a video.
  • Animated Video Production has 40% higher visitor engagement than static and textual content
  • 65% of the viewers will visit the website and make a purchase decision while watching the video

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