The Best Apps for Aspiring Comic Book Artists

Get your “kapow, blam, kaboom” on with technology for comic book students
I asked my 12-year-old son what he wanted to be when he grew up the other day when we were driving to my parent’s house for a birthday celebration. He didn’t hesitate when he said, “a comic book artist”! Of course, I should have guessed, he was batman 4-years in a row for Halloween as a small child, and ever since he’s been collecting comic books like they were rare diamonds. As a mom who believes that we should encourage our children to follow their dreams, I instantly went to the app store to see if I could find some apps for my son’s smart phone and the family iPad that could help him pursue his chosen path. I’m happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a collection.

Now in no way do I think these smart phone apps can take the place of an artist’s drawing tablet. However, they can help aspiring cartoonists, like my son, start creating his own work at home. I can attest that my son loves these apps and has asked for a tablet for his birthday. I’m happy to buy him one because I know he will use it and love it! Now I’d like to share my app search with other aspiring comic book artists out there. Here are my 4 picks for the best apps for aspiring comic book artists:

1. Comics (Free – for iPhone)

My son reads his favorite comics on his iPad all the time, in fact, since we purchased one for the family, he prefers to use it over flipping through a paper comic book. And the Comics app features over 15,000 comics from the Marvel and DC collection—such as The Walking Dead—my son’s new obsession. The great thing about this app is that it provides hours of inspiration for aspiring comics on a mobile platform that can be taken anywhere—to school, to the park, to the beach, and even on holidays. It will keep your favorite artists handy as you draw, and look for artistic tips, technique, and inspiration.

2. Sketchbook Pro ($0.99 – for iPad)

Another great app for the aspiring comic book artist in your brood, the Sketchbook Pro app makes drawing and sketching your own comic heroes and villains a breeze from your mobile device. The app features a handy stylus tool that my son says mimics the actual art of drawing. My son uses this app to sketch out the basic page set ups of his own rough comics, as well as to export rough sketches into his photo library to pick up and refine later on.

3. iMockups ($6.99 – for iPad)

OK, so the iMockups app is meant for creating wireframes for websites, however, my son finds it useful to create “wireframes” for his own comic book pages. He uses this app to import his rough sketches from the Sketchbook Pro app (we talked about above) and then starts to block out some rough dialogue between his feature comic book hero and ruthless villain before he refines the finished page.

4. Writers App ($0.99 – for iPhone)

For those comic book artists who also want to create their own plot like my son does (he’s a one-stop shop), there are apps like Writers. And the name is as simple as the app itself. Use it help you focus and develop your characters, plot line, and even your fight scenes (KAPOW). It’s really quite ingenious how simplified this app is. It contains no tool bar or spell checker, but looking at it as a writer, I can really see how it would focus your efforts on the small pieces of dialogue that comic books demand.

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