Beautify your Desktop with Colorful Abstract Wallpaper

Here comes another year, and it is the right time to start a new phase of our life, the time that we start sorting things out so that it will flow accordingly.

You might already  have created your 2013 photos folder in your hard drive, or simply moving old files to your external drive, scanned those PSD files that you have accomplished during the past years and pondering how have you improved in your design skills.

And the most common things that we do is to change the looks of our desktop, we tend to apply wallpaper that will bring inspiration that will help boost our creativity once we are logged in to our computer.

Most of us have the preference in customizing our desktop, some prefer nature photograph, abstract design, typography or simply a solid color. But what if you have a lot of choices in beautifying your desktop? Will you hold on to your preference? Or try out the available option? You tell me once you are done viewing these abstract wallpapers

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