Bespoke website design – becoming increasingly popular

bespokeThere is common consensus among web masters that website design has to be user friendly. They ensure that the sites they create reflect that thinking. However, some among them go the extra mile and turn to bespoke website design practices to make their sites truly stand out and make it much easier for visitors as well as for search engines. With competition in cyber space becoming more and more intense and site ranking becoming such an important element for popularity, the bespoke website design professionals are in high demand. They are also making good money turning ordinary sites into ones that are on par with the best in the business.

So what are the reasons for this type of designing gaining popularity?

As compared to existing templates, the bespoke designs are far more innovative and creative. The introduction of many unique concepts in order to make customisation as distinct as possible has prompted many web masters to go down this route. Whether it is the addition of Flash videos, graphic interfaces, crystal clear audios, videos or other interactive multimedia, the emphasis is on enhancing user experience.

Major search engines like Google have always stressed the need for sites to provide the best user experience. This is not only from the perspective of the user being able to find desired content but also from the presentation point of view. Corporate sites in particular have found these bespoke designs of great value since they help them present their brand in such a conspicuous manner and as a cut above the rest.

The sites with bespoke designing are also far better search engine optimised. This gives them the edge over other sites when it comes to ranking. Major search engines crawl sites based on a number of algorithms which may be difficult to track and keep pace with by webmasters. However, by offering fresh content that is also regularly kept updated and by following a design that enhances user experience, you will be able to impress search engines to visit your site more often and push up ranking. High ranking will mean more visitors and the opportunity to make more sales.

Broadly, every site must concentrate on the two vital parameters of user experience and accessibility. When navigation within a site is easy and the visitor is able to find what he or she wants without having to look around too much, you can get a longer attention span. This can become possible only when the menu is uniform in each page, the items have been clearly named and the menu itself is written in HTML.

Accessibility is another important aspect that often gets missed out. With a whole variety of devices now accessing the internet, your site needs to function properly in terms of the content getting resized to fit the smaller screen of these devices. Since you cannot be sure about the visitors having the latest software, you need to build this capability of easy accessibility into your site to prevent quick exits by visitors.

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