Best App Analytics Tools for the App Developers

Once you’ve launched an app, your responsibility doesn’t end there as it’s vital to keep a check on how the app is performing. You must know about the downloads, conversion rates, uninstallations and all the precise data associated with an app. So, here we present this article to serve as a guide.

If you think that your job is done once you have developed a great mobile app and you just need to launch the app successfully then you are quite wrong here. In fact the major part of the work starts with the introduction of the app to realize how much, what, when, where and through which devices you are using your app. With the factual data you get to realize the success and failure of your app and then you are set to decide whether to continue the success or make more efforts to make it all the more successful.

Our developers are adept in a number of mobile app analytical tools and allow you know where your app is going through precise and accurate data. Here we recommend few of the best analytical tools through which you can track all the actions of your app and offer report with defined statistics.


  1. Mixpanel – Among the best and most advanced analytical platform, Mixpanel allows data evaluation coming from your live app in the app store. This tool is highly helpful in retrieving real-time data, tracking retention via funnel analysis, cohort analysis and comprehensive analysis.With Mixpanel you can watch real-time events that happen in your app and with a point-and-click interface that is useful in knowing a lot more about your mobile analytics data.

    How this tool is helpful?
    Create a bridge b/w the web users and app users
    Cohort option is useful in analyzing how often your users come, go and get engaged with your app
    The point-and-click interface allows you to watch the real-time events that happen in your app

    Drill into Data
    Visualize data in different ways
    Bookmarks, to save reports

    Costing – Get free version with limited features and if you are keen on upgrading it, then the price starts from $150 per month.

    Platform – iOS, Android.

  2. Flurry
    It was just recently that Flurry was acquired by Yahoo and now it’s easy to acquire it free of charge so that mobile app results are evaluated on every platform such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. This tool is helpful in measuring your ad’s performance via its ad metrics and get detailed acquisition reports.How this tool is helpful?

    Create classic dashboard and 10 custom dashboards
    Define events, funnels and user paths
    Track technical information of devices, OS versions, carriers, etc.

    Flurry Analytics
    Yahoo App Publishing
    Yahoo App Marketing
    Tumblr In-app Sharing
    Flurry Pulse

    Costing – Free

    Platform – iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

  3. Localytics – This tool is helpful in solving engagement issues of your app as it provides the data. It’s renowned as a Mobile Engagement Platform able in transforming the data into important information so that each user is accelerated in the right context via push, in-app, email or remarketing campaigns. With it you also get A/B testing, screen flow, funnel, segments and cohort-based retention reports.How this tool is helpful?

    Track users’ movements
    Create personalized campaign for the user’s
    Optimized campaign to know the best experiences of your users

    User Insights
    Smart Targeting
    Market Automation

    Costing – Free and Premium both

    Platform -iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Blackberry and HTML 5

  4. Google Mobile App Analytics: It’s the app analytics tool that comes for free and allows you track users’ visits and record the conversion rates. In case some event takes place on your app, then the event is tracked as well and you get the information regarding speed, crashes and exceptions.“Insights from Google Analytics for mobile apps resulted in a 39% increase in store traffic and a more than 5x increase in game tutorial completion.” – Mike McCarthy, Senior Brand & Community Manager, Certain Affinity

    How this tool is helpful?

    Measure the impact of your marketing activities through an app.
    User’s actions are analyzed over the screen, events, and other moments.

    Firebase Analytics
    Cohort Retention reporting
    Google Tag Manager

    Costing – Free

    Platforms – Android and iOS.

  5. Apsalar: Renowned as Mobile ROI Platform, the best thing about this tool is that it comes free and allows you to measure performance and ROI of your investment in any marketing activity or campaign, allowing developers to easily target particular users as they advertise as well tracking users based on events, funnels and cohorts is easier.How this tool is helpful?

    Marketing activities take place with user insights
    Optimize your ad costing and others on your goals and performance
    Count user’s touch and engagement point to drive ROI


    Marketing Audiences
    Remarketing Audiences
    CRM & Prospecting Audiences

    Costing – Free

    Platforms – Android and iOS

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