Best Social Media Apps for Android

Android software has triggered a revolution in the field of smart phones and tablet computers. It is a Linux based operating system. It has become the most popular mobile operating system of today therefore richly dominating the market. Android is basically very popular for the variety of applications it provides through its play store. The apps are of different kinds some are social media apps, some gaming apps, some management apps etc. These android apps have become an indispensable part of our life as well as cell phones. The Social media apps provided by Android are of great interest because through them we can connect to our dear ones and share images, any multimedia files and our thoughts. We can get linked to anyone round the corner of the world through these apps. Some popular social media apps are listed below:


  1. Facebook Messenger

    facebook-messengerThe facebook add-on on our android phones helps us to chat with our friends on facebook simultaneously while running other apps. It has an attractive feature of “chat heads” in which the profile pictures of our friends are seen floating on the screen and we can directly click on the head we want to chat with. It can be directly downloaded from Google play store.

  2. Pinterest
    flipboardIt is the huge gathering of favourite things on your smart phone. There are number of purposes of this app. With it you can make a collection of your desired things like motivational quotes, ideas, art, music etc. You can efficiently plan projects and organize a party using it. The collections we make are called boards and the bookmarks are referred to as pins. Its new version is now available in all languages.
  3. HootsuitehootsuiteIt is basically a social media management app which provides a common platform for up to 5 networking sites. It basically schedules messages and posts regarding these sites. It can also be used for post-scheduling messages that have to be sent later on from your account. You can share your photos and files on this and receives updates of all the social networking sites from one single app.
  4. FlipboardpinterestIt is a remarkable social app in a magazine format for many operating systems including android which is prepared by a software company in U.S. It gathers information and content from a variety of sites and presents it the form of magazine. With this app we can remain connected to the publications, blogs and social networks. You can creatively create your own personal magazine the way you want and keep the news about things you are more interested in and explore further about them.
  5. Whatsapp messenger
    whatsappWe all are very familiar with this app and use it every second to communicate with people. It has become the most frequently used app of today. It is being used by all for messaging, for sending images, sharing audio, video files and voice notes. This messenger requires only internet connection and does not include any extra charges for SMS sending. There is a great ease of not logging in or out. There is no need to add your friends, as the contacts in the smart phone are automatically imported.

So here are some of the best apps based on android which make our smart phone more thrilling and exciting.

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