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How to Make Your Online Resume Pop with a Little Help from Technology

The business world of today is highly competitive. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to make your work ethic and high standards stand out among the crowd. Anyone can put on a professional looking suit and appear to be a professional person. It is not until the person is hired that it becomes evident that the suit and professional appearance was merely a clever illusion. It can be very difficult to distinguish the qualified from the nicely attired unqualified, but it is largely our resumes that allow our expertise to be recognized before we even set foot into the interview room.

For most of our existence we have been trained on how to properly set up a resume. With the right references and credible job experience in the preferred field you are sure to get the job you want and deserve. The problem however arises when large firms receive countless resumes on a daily basis and no real way to sort through them all to find the right candidate. It becomes even more difficult when your resume is not sent to the office in the traditional paper copy format, but online. The online world of resumes is even more fierce and standing out in the crowd is the only way to really get noticed and get the job. Standing out among the crowd is not difficult, but will take some effort and tact on your part.


3D Icons

The use of icons is certainly nothing new in the world of business. We use icons for every aspect to make our lives easier and avoid having to read words on a computer screen. An icon is simply an object that allows for the idea to be grasped much like a logo can do for a company. The standard icon is flat and in a 2-dimensional format. It can be eye-catching in a sense, but there are much more eyes to be caught when you put a little 3-dimensional flare to the icon.

The flat icon will draw the eye, but many people will use this tactic in their online resumes. The trick is to not only attract a little attention, but really stand out among the others. Anyone can make an icon with clip art on a standard computer. There are countless images that can be used and the process is completely simple. 3D icons however are a little more labor intensive. It takes a detailed eye to bring about the 3-dimensional feel without it looking sloppy and if you use 3D icons in your online resume, your potential employer will see that you are detail oriented and take time to do the job right.


There is not a person that has not been enamored by animation at some point within their life. What kept us glued to the television set Saturday mornings when we were children has evolved into something that has now been integrated into every part of the online experience. Integrating animation into your online resume is a sure way to have it stand out among the crowd.

It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to produce a quality animation. There are now many programs that allow for the average person to make a quick animation for uses in all facets of life. Just like with the 3D Icon however it takes time and attention to detail to effectively produce a quality product. Your potential employer will see this and put your resume at the top of the stack.

Explainer Videos

The production of a standard online resume is not likely to allow for your true voice to be heard. The new trend it to incorporate animations and other attractive aspects into explainer videos. The explainer video gives your potential employer all of the information they need to make the decision to hire you, but it also puts you in their mind more effectively than with a standard resume.

Catchy tunes and actual voices combined with movement seem to cement in the mind much more effectively than just a plain file stating your information. The person reviewing the files will likely have seen thousands of resumes that look exactly the same and a bit of flare from an explainer video may be just what they need to make them wake up again and take notice. Making a properly put together explainer video will do more for your employment prospects than anything else.

Where the business world is becoming more and more competitive as time goes by, it is still possible to make yourself stand out among the crowd. The businesses today are looking for innovators and people that will make their business grow. They are no looking for a warm body to put into a position, so make sure that when you produce an online resume that it has your personality in the mix. You are selling you to potential employees so it is important that you put your best foot forward.

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