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15 Amazingly Inventive Examples Of Geeky Papercraft

Have you heard? Papercraft is the new destination for obsessive-compulsive geeks (like us) to express their nerdy fandom. But how much range can you really get from folded paper? We’re glad you asked! Here’s 15 of our favourite nerd-powered creations: Howl’s Moving Castle credit: Ben.Millett Ben Millet was a man with a vision: and that vision was to spend 72 hours crafting this loving tribute to Howl’s Moving Castle. Kudos, Ben, for referencing one of our favourite films and doing it superbly well – you win all of the internets. Katamari credit: Warm ‘n Fuzzy Have you ever wasted an …

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24 Ligneous and Creative Wooden Gadget Designs

Being nostalgic or wishful is one of those characteristics that can upgrade your imagination to create a first-class kind of creativity which can potentially provide positive changes to the modern technology. The simplicity and uniqueness effectively attract consumers, especially if that something is nearly impossible for them to be there. One of those things that can surely appear unimaginable to them is seeing an electronic gadget or device made up (although not entirely) on wood. This thing could just be in virtual but it’s actually possible and it brings lots of possibilities. It brings a thrilling effect that would really …

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5 Geeky Office Gadgets

There are millions of office workers in the UK ranging from administration, creative design, finance and every other industry you can think of. I work in the printer consumables industry and we’re an internet business so mine and my colleagues work day consists of being in the office at every moment (except for lunches and breaks of course) and to make our time more interesting we organise lots of fun team building sessions and meetings. It’s also important to keep yourself motivated on an individual level to keep you going through the day. One method of achieving this is to …

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