Best Social Media Apps for Android


Android software has triggered a revolution in the field of smart phones and tablet computers. It is a Linux based operating system. It has become the most popular mobile operating system of today therefore richly dominating the market. Android is basically very popular for the variety of applications it provides through its play store. The apps are of different kinds ...

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Whatsapp Android App Re-design


I have always been a fan of redesign projects that are showcase everywhere. Generally because I can see improvement and innovation to the current design of the website, product or apps. The Whatsapp Android app is one of the most utilize app. The current design is pretty good but not as good as this redesign project that we have stumbled ...

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10 Mobile Web Design Tools to Consider For Impressive Designing


Developing websites keeping in mind the varied browsing habits has forced developers to change their tactics too. No longer is it sufficient to develop an interactive, Web 2.0 website. Today a website needs to run efficiently in all browsers and devices. Since more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse through websites, it has become important ...

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6 Most Demanded Apps Introduced by Android


There is no denying that android devices have increased in popularity over the last couple of years. As such, more and more android users are looking for android apps that can make their android experience better. Illustrated herein, are the 6 most demanded apps introduced by android.

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The 8 Technology Marvels Of 21st Century


The 21st Century has been blessed with wonderful technology feats. There was a South African man who was an amputee but proofed to the whole world that disability is not inability. This man was called Oscar Pistorius and on the particular day he appeared for the Paralympics, he was on prosthetic blades ready to participate in the 400m race. He ...

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Top 5 Android Apps for Creating Cool Pics


Smartphones are taking over the world of mobile telecommunications. They are not however the local phones you are used to. These are robust technological tools that are intended to change both your communication and internet surfing life. If you already own an iPhone or any other smartphone for that matter, I am sure that you must have heard of Android. ...

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