Best Mobile Apps for Yoga Practitioners

Yoga App

As the word Yoga pops in the mind, many think of it just as a physical exercise where people twist, turn stretch and breathe in a complex manner. However, there is a lot more to this profound science that unfolds the vast potentials of the human mind and soul. At the physical level, the yoga postures and asanas are aimed to keep the body healthy while the mental techniques such as breathing exercises or pranayama and meditation discipline the mind. Going by the significance Yoga holds in our lives, International Yoga Day saw its inception on June 21st, 2015. Noting …

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7 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps


You should try to think beyond Instagram when it comes to edit your favorite photos with your iPhone. You may find it great to use Instagram on your iPhone for sharing those memorable moments. However, you can try some of the latest and really useful photo editing apps for iPhone if you want the best out of your mobile photography. Stay ahead in getting more likes and views for your photos just by giving them the so called pro-treatment just like the photographers do with their bulky DSLRs and Photoshop. Let’s take a look at the 7 best iPhone photo …

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25 Clean and Elegant iPhone5 Wallpapers


Most people want to have gadgets and devices that express the word “quality”, and Apple products should fit in that perfectly. There are their MacOS, the iPods and iPads and the iPhone, which is now on its fifth version. Like the previous iPhones, iPhone5 still carries the word of  “quality”, other than that, it also now owns the word, “elegant” – in which, to its very meaning of taste, ease and wealth, that really corresponds to what iPhone5 can bring. Moreover, iPhone5 is considered as the best Smartphone on earth these days. It was smarter than others, faster and thinner. …

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7 Coolest iPhone Add-ons


The iPhone rose to prominence on the idea that it was an all-in-one device that allowed users to access many forms of media right from the handheld. And since its inception this functionality has made the iPhone one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Evidence of this popularity can also be seen in the App Store, which is another runaway success that deliver apps and media to the iPhone user. But while the software has never been lacking as far as the iPhone is concerned, the company has had less success with hardware add-ons. But that is all …

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24 Ligneous and Creative Wooden Gadget Designs


Being nostalgic or wishful is one of those characteristics that can upgrade your imagination to create a first-class kind of creativity which can potentially provide positive changes to the modern technology. The simplicity and uniqueness effectively attract consumers, especially if that something is nearly impossible for them to be there. One of those things that can surely appear unimaginable to them is seeing an electronic gadget or device made up (although not entirely) on wood. This thing could just be in virtual but it’s actually possible and it brings lots of possibilities. It brings a thrilling effect that would really …

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20 Cheerful and Beautiful Christmas iPhone5 Wallpapers


The yuletide season is in the corner, many people started in preparing for the said occasion, may it be a gift, decoration and other stuff to feel the joyous occasion, if you are one of the lucky individual that acquired the iPhone5, you might want to customize it to suit the festivity. The iPhone5 comes with a new level in terms of screen size and resolution, you might probably caught yourself hunting through the internet for wallpaper or you might just have resize and design your own wallpaper. The evolution of the new screen dimension brings a new design perspective …

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Best iPhone5 Wallpaper Resources


If you arrived to this post, you are probably in search on something that support your shiny, tall and slim iPhone5 classy look, you need to beautify your device with stunning and creative new dimension wallpaper. With the release of the iPhone5 that has a new screen size and resolution, iOS wallpaper designers cram to come up with a collection that will fit accordingly. Today, we have compiled resources of iPhone5 wallpapers that we think it is far best from the rest. 20 Stunning iPhone5 HD Wallpapers from djdesignerlab 40 Best iPhone 5 Wallpapers and Backgrounds from smashinghub Great iPhone …

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10 Mobile Web Design Tools to Consider For Impressive Designing


Developing websites keeping in mind the varied browsing habits has forced developers to change their tactics too. No longer is it sufficient to develop an interactive, Web 2.0 website. Today a website needs to run efficiently in all browsers and devices. Since more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse through websites, it has become important to design website keeping in mind the various screen sizes, resolutions etc. For a developer who is migrating to mobile web designing and development, there is help readily available in the form of mobile web design tools and resources. To …

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Best IPAD Apps Review


Apple has a whole bunch of applications store where various applications are available. There are different applications and every application is not of use of every person. There are few applications regarding games, few relate to internet, few have Microsoft techniques in it, others have communication applications. There are various applications that a single person cannot take interest in all. But the applications are designed in such a way that every person will find something of his interest in the applications. People can download these applications by visiting any of their nearby franchise of apple.

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The Best Apps for Aspiring Comic Book Artists

Get your “kapow, blam, kaboom” on with technology for comic book students I asked my 12-year-old son what he wanted to be when he grew up the other day when we were driving to my parent’s house for a birthday celebration. He didn’t hesitate when he said, “a comic book artist”! Of course, I should have guessed, he was batman 4-years in a row for Halloween as a small child, and ever since he’s been collecting comic books like they were rare diamonds.

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