Your Favorite Marvel Superheroes Remodeled as Paper Toy

There is always the childish attitude on us that lives, no matter how old we are and what profession we carry. We have our own items of collectibles, how many superheroes figurines you got in your display cabinet? How fund you are in keeping those airline tickets, and not to forget your Pokemon collection. Now what about if your favorite Marvel superheroes are being remodeled into something different, as paper toy. Would you like to pick one of them to add to your treasure collections? MOMOT is expert in bringing them to life in paper toy design. MOMOT is an …

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Random Digital Arts Inspiration #4

Before the 2012 ends, i have started a series of digital art inspiration, a random inspiration where in I am collecting whatever digital art that are pleasing and hoping that will bring encouragement and inspirations to all readers. Today’s inspiration depicts anger, gluttony and vice. Source: Oscar Ramos You can check the Random Digital Arts Inspiration # 3  

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