16 Photography Logo That Features A Camera Shape

Logo design is one of the most crucial entities for a certain business wherein the logo should speak and represents the whole information and mission, not to mention that it will be the element where in the audience and client will keep their label. Today, we are going to feature photography logo that uses and feature the camera shape. This logo of companies or individual immediately implies the nature of business that the logos are representing. Simply staring the camera symbol, you will recognize fast what kind of business does these logo stands for. Here’s a collection of photography logo …

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Nature Inspired Photo Manipulation for Inspiration

Creative designers will never stop to go beyond their usual ways whenever they express themselves in their workmanship and that’s where they were able to come up with a creative art form in this digital age called photo manipulation. The application of illusions, deceptions or any other image editing techniques are no longer difficult and at the same time are very much possible nowadays with the use of Adobe Photoshop comprehensively. Photo manipulation has never been so easy if not because of this most popular graphic editing program.  To emphasize some of the beautiful illusions together with the nicest blend …

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