4 Crucial WordPress Plugins That Improve Inbound Marketing Strategies


WordPress is one of the most innovative website design tools ever created. Since most companies spent a lot of money on website design, WordPress is indeed the answer to complex web designs. WordPress has numerous plugins that are essential in inbound marketing. You may remember that inbound marketing depends on the buyer’s purchase funnel that involves attracting potential clients, converting the clients, closing in, and expressing delight. For completion of this funnel from beginning to the end, WordPress has the best plugins to ensure that your online marketing strategies do not fail. These plugins are categorized into four. They include: …

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Free vs. Premium Templates: Do You Need to Pay More?

Fashion Spot WordPress Theme

There is no secret that everyone irrespective of the income level tries to retrench money whatever he does. If you are launching big project this question becomes paramount. Starting your online business you face a dilemma: to take refuge in web studio services and to have your website designed from scratch or to do everything by yourself using ready-made template. As we want to save, we will surely choose the second option. But here there is another choice: to buy a premium theme or to download a free template and start your website without investing a cent. There is a …

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Detect Malicious Code in Your Site


Internet is an open source medium where millions of real time users are staring you. You never know at which instant of time you will be trapped with a malicious attack, which can harm your web presence to a wide extent. Thus, to remain aware of any such event and to know the tips that can save you in the future run, is an intelligent move. If you are using a WordPress website, it makes you lucky enough to deal these intruders. As WordPress has gained utmost popularity, it is much susceptible to hackers as being their soft target. A …

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A List of 7 Best WordPress eCommerce Plug-ins


WordPress started off its journey as a blogging platform, but now it has emerged into a powerful content management system. Business owners are using this platform to build highly professional and contemporary online stores. It lets you build highly-functional and visually appealing eCommerce site, without even writing a single piece of coding. WordPress comes with a bundle of powerful eCommerce plugins that lets you transform your simple WP site into a well-developed online store. This means you don’t need to be a technical expert or programmer for developing or customizing your online shop. However, it becomes quite difficult to pick …

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WordPress Theme: Resume – Creative CV


Would you like to represent your work experience and portfolio in a unique, creative way? We have a great premium WordPress theme for that, it’s called Resume. It’s a beautiful CV template with bold typography, vivid colors, smooth transitions and effects and lots of advanced features. It has everything you need to make your personal website the best place to showcase your works, skills, awards, testimonials and more. Resume is built using the latest technologies and libraries (Bootstrap, fullPage.js, font-awesome, etc.) and suits anybody in search of a unique and stylish CV template. Some of its features: HTML5 + CSS3 …

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Exploring Key Differences Between 3 Renowned WordPress Theme Frameworks


Seen as a viable means of creating a remarkable WordPress theme, WordPress theme frameworks have worked wonders for a variety of WordPress designers and developers residing in different corners of the world. Equipped with a pre-built, flexible code in place, WordPress frameworks render you an absolute convenience of building a WordPress theme from scratch. Additionally, the plugins, themes and other options available with WordPress frameworks eliminate the need for re-inventing the wheel for every WordPress theme development project. Through this post, I’ll be offering you handy insights on three most renowned WordPress theme frameworks which have served as the best …

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WordPress Business Themes To Get Your Client’s Attention Right Away


When it comes to creating a website for a business, an eye-catching theme can really give it an upper edge. Having a perfect business theme can make a lot of difference for appealing a larger online market and attract customers. WordPress collection of themes is growing in terms of both usability and features, so why not business themes to ensure that every visitor has a pleasurable experience. But before you select a theme, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the needs of your business or if you are working on a client website then about their requirements. Every …

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Sevenfold – Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Sevenfold is a Multipurpose WordPress Theme with clean, modern, responsive design and tons of options and components to customize your website as you wish. It is packed with the awesome Revolution slider and a brand new drag & drop form builder (allowing you to easily create forms on your site without knowledge of coding). It also includes the amazing Revolution Slider (worth $19, included for Free) with awesome transitions effects, animations, 3D effects and a handy drag & drop editor to easily customize and add images, videos and effects to your home page slider. Sevenfold is powered by Tesla Framework, a powerful administration tool that comprises all our …

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Top 20 Cherry WordPress Themes For Your Company


In our days, business is like a field of strife, only the strongest survive. There are tons of methods of becoming stronger and more successful business owner. And the greater part of these ways are those that determine the way your company looks like. Being unique and unusual in your design means being on top. One of the best ways to show your company off is the Internet. Billions visitors on millions websites daily, a huge community on almost every topic. That’s the chance you’ve been waiting for so long. A great chance to improve your business with the help …

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10 WordPress Themes For Minimalism Fans


There are some truly complex WordPress themes out there these days. While they have their charm, there is just something about the clean lines and simple tones of a minimalist design. Luckily, there are plenty of those out there, as well. If you are one of the many fans of minimalism in web design, here are ten free WordPress themes for you to try. 1. Feijoa Despite being very minimalist in its overall design, this one is perhaps a little more interesting than others. It puts everything into groups on the same page that doesn’t use the traditional grid system …

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