Choosing Art for Office Spaces

If you’ve arrived at a new office premises, the chances are there are a lot of blank spaces on the walls. Blank walls can look very cold and unwelcoming, so a great way of brightening up an office space is to use large artworks. When selecting artwork for office workplaces, one has to put aside personal preferences to find what suits the space and everyone within it.

Your business area

The best place to start is probably to first think about what your business is, and what you deal with in the world of work. That can often help you to select appropriate artworks to suit the environment. If you deal with creative projects, like web design, you may consider adding more vibrant pieces of art to spark creativity within your employees. If you deal with financial matters or other higher pressure areas of work, artworks that generate a sense of calm may be a better option for you. It’s also great to include things that relate directly to your field of work – so the office of an engineering company could use artworks that convey structures and linear designs.

Your employees

The workers within your business will probably have ideas of what will suit the space and what would personally help them feel better within their working environment. Why not have them write down ideas of what they’d like to see, and then try to fulfil their wishes as best you can? You will have happier workers and a brighter atmosphere, which will probably result in increased work output – it’s all very good for business!

Your visitors

If guests and prospective clients come to visit the office, you may want to keep this in mind when choosing art. Remember that it will make a statement about yourself as a business, and it will be important to make a good impression. Art by famous artists are a good way of creating that impression, as it gives a sense of security to see something familiar. If your office space deals with looking after young people, such as a charity or branch of hospital looking after children, using artworks or photographic art with animals are often a wonderful choice.

As long as you can think through carefully what you’re actually about as a business, you should be able to find the perfect artwork for your office space without much problem. Bounce ideas off other people you work with and you will be one step closer to creating the best working environment for your employees.

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