Where to Go if You’re in Need of Some Cool T-shirt Designs

Really cool t-shirt designs are not all that common on the internet. I mean, the web is full of one-line-of-text designs that some people like. Mostly because of the funny nature of the text.

This post is not about those (well, maybe just a little). This post is about places where you can go to get (and even buy) some truly exceptional t-shirt designs. Ones that are actually cool to be seen wearing in public.

Band Job

Band Job is a community where creative people can showcase their work. The site is not only about t-shirt designs, but also about album art, web, logos, posters, and other forms of visual art.

The site works somewhat like a social media site. You can network with other users, favorite their work, participate in discussions in forums, even check out job postings and list your own.


Mintees is an online t-shirt and apparel design community, similar to Band Job. This site, however is centered around t-shirt designs primarily. You can promote your designs and clothing brands to visitors from around the world.

Additionally, you can buy t-shirts with Mintees’ designs already on them. In the end, a great place to get a truly cool and unique t-shirt.


Rumplo is a great place for both parties – no matter if you’re just someone looking for some cool t-shirts (to buy) or a designer who wants to get some exposure for their designs.

Currently, there are over 18,000 designs available, which makes Rumplo a great place to get some custom-made t-shirts.


Threadless is quite a serious project. In a sentence – it’s a t-shirt store, but that’s a big understatement. First of all, it ships to most countries with internet access, and there are 6 different language versions available.

Also, Threadless is home to a community of designers. There’s a forum, artist programs, designer interviews, even meetups, and much more stuff every t-shirt enthusiast will find interesting.


Zazzle advertises themselves as the world’s leading platform for quality custom products. What that means in plain English is that they sell a wide range of … everything. Starting with t-shirts and clothing to cell phone cases to posters to hats and loads of other stuff.

When it comes to t-shirts, though, they are very creative. There’s a nice portion of geek t-shirts too (they even have a separate category for those).


BustedTees is an internet based t-shirt brand, and one of the leading ones, for that matter. The site was originally launched by the guys from CollegeHumor, and since then it has become a lively project on its own.

The designs have the main goal of being funny above all else. Most importantly, the t-shirts are not expensive and can be shipped virtually anywhere.


The idea behind Foalio is to give designers a place where they can share their work and – as a result – find new jobs and clients.

What’s interesting about the site is that there’s not even a category named “t-shirts,” but designers have decided to submit this kind of work anyway. So the best way to find some tees is to use the search field at the top of the page.

There’s also a small number of job listings related to all kinds of graphic design.

Foalio closes the list of places to go for great t-shirt designs. Feel free to comment if you know any other websites that are worth checking out.

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