How to create an Inspiring Logo Design

A logo design is a symbol that represents a company. It helps people to recognize the company on the spot and provides them the company’s first impression too. For building a strong brand image in the market, it is essential for businesses to know the importance of creating an imperative logo design. In this article, we will discuss:

  1. An overview of logo design
  2. The importance of a good logo design
  3. Characteristics of a good logo design
  4. Things to avoid while creating an imperative logo design

An overview of logo design:

A logo is a graphical representation or an emblem that symbolizes an organization’s identity to its best.  Many commercial organizations, medical institutions, religious sects, and even individuals use distinctive logo designs for the promotion of public recognition. It could be in the form of company’s name, the trademark, or an abbreviation, etc. Despite of using the complete name of company, a great logo acts as a small yet distinct-descriptive representation to help audience identify the brand’s entity.

how-to-create-an-inspiring-logo-design1These popular logo designs in the world have set the standards. Here, chances are less you fail to laud the fame of a single logo.

A well-designed logo helps you build an impactful brand’s image in the market. When it is consistently crowned with a spectacular logo, the potential customers begin to trust. The remarkable logo goes out as an ambassador to your business that brings new clients and build long-term relationships with them.

The designers in the industry are using several computer software and platforms to develop versatile logo designs. Also, they embark on enhancing their specialties by entering into the different fields of education related to logo design.

Further, you must go through the following information to know the importance of a good logo design.

The importance of a good logo design:

Since logo is so vital that it makes great visual representation of the principles, beliefs and attributes of your business. A logo introduces people with your business’s niche so keeping it unique and distinguish from others is necessary. It should be unique enough to target a wide span of audience.


Forthright logo designs of the leading sports channel signify the company’s product clearly. These well-accepted pieces of art totally fulfill all the aspects of a perfect logo design individually.

Whether you’re running a big or small scale business, the logo must be designed carefully. It is so because the logo influences the first impression on customers; making certain changes could not be easy when people begin recognizing it and referring it to your brand. A good logo adds a professional touch to your business.

When start creating a logo design, it goes without saying that a considerable time is required to come up with a well appreciated masterpiece that would be identified across the masses. A slight creativity, a proper brainstorming, and some professional skills are good enough to meet the goal of appealing people through a logo.

Characteristics of a good logo design:

A good logo is comprised of the following characteristics:

  • Simple: It is very crucial to keep a logo design simple, clean, and clutter-free. A complicated and complex design is always hard to understand and recognize.
  • Meaningful, memorable & recognizable: As talked earlier, it must be simple. The kind of logo design is easy to remember and recognizable for people. It must cement the message in their minds within a few seconds and can easily recall when needed.
  • Versatile: A good logo design should be extremely versatile and scalable enough to work across several media platforms like billboards, brochures, pamphlets, etc. without any loss.
  • Timeless: A skilled designer knows that keeping track of fading trends is useless. On the upside, designing a logo that could be valid even after decades is worthy. You don’t need to make changes every now and then.


There won’t be any better example than BBC’s logo meeting all the basic standards of a clear and concise logo while delivering its succinct message at the same time.

Things to avoid while creating an imperative logo design:

There are a plenty of things that can go with your excellent logo design, but these are the core things that you must avoid to leave a profound impact on the target audience.

  • Use of controversial logos and symbols: No doubt controversies attracts attention and gets people into talking. But is it right while branding? No. Your brand should be grow, and remain consistent so it is recommendable to design a positive and timeless logo.
  • Conflicting design: An integration of simple elements in a logo design works well and brings more business. Contrarily, a clashing or conflicting design will be loud in sending the message of designer’s unprofessionalism.
  • Complicated design: It is amenable that complex logo designs look great in large spaces. But would they equally look good on company’s other accessories like business cards, mugs, and letterhead too? Keep the design simple for making it fit in anywhere you want.
  • Ordinary Message: If the design is mediocre, it will never pave the way for you. The logo for your company must shout-out the business message proudly, without getting flashy and disgusting at the same time.


Recently redesigned logo of Instagram doesn’t seem to be a huge success. However, the app still tends to be a popular social media platform, a lot of people didn’t admire its new logo. 

The core purpose of your logo is to trigger customers’ memory and make them feel positive about the brand. Since its launch, a logo design evolves around the brand image, but it should not be radically redesigned. A catchy logo is something that helps you take baby steps in branding. It is essential for future marketing and advertising campaigns. Once you open the doors to the public, it will be a long lasting ambassador for your business and takes new potential customers to you every day. Hence, when you take an interest in creating an appealing logo, it definitely builds your brand’s strong image and gets more business as well.

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