Creating a Photoblog that Impresses and Inspires

The remarkably slick and awe-inducing photoblogs have risen to fame, and quite penetratingly so. Whether it’s someone travelling through some fascinating lanes on their way to office, or someone with an itchy feet going outdoors much too often, capturing the journeys is always at the top of our minds. Apparently, you don’t need a DSLR camera to capture the stunning moments. The overtly frenzied digital age has handed some expensive phones to us that boast of high definition cameras – at least good enough to click photographs that can be uploaded on our personal blogs.

The photoblogs are growing in number as more and more people are being bitten by the photography bug. But, you don’t just create a photoblog for the sake of it. There is a method to how you create a photoblog that stands maximum chance of grabbing plenty eyeballs. And this method is comprised of several ways:photo-blog


Why Do You Wish to Start a Photoblog

Will it remain a personal blog, or you plan to use it as a medium to showcase your photos for professional purposes? When you are only creating a personal blog for the love of photos and flaunting them to a small circle of followers, you can spare yourself the technical mambo jambo. If however you plan to make a business out of it, it is imperative to deliver focus right at the molecular level.



Will it be Images Only, or a Storytelling Blog

And how do you wish to structure the whole photoblog? Will the photos contain a small caption, which would be more like description, or do you plan to string up a story that moves forward by the means of more than one image? Or do you want each post to have a single image and some poetry written about the same? Again, there is a bunch of things you can do with your photoblog. All you need on your part is to be sure about the direction it is heading for.


The Theme You are Choosing

Be it WordPress or any other content management system you are using, there are a host of themes and templates that can be made use of. There are premium themes you can buy, or you can simply go with the free themes. The folks going for a personal blog are least likely to spend any amount on buying the premium themes, but those with business interests can go ahead and invest in premium themes since not only are the fully functional, but they give us the free rein to be as creative as we want. The high customizability quotient makes these themes all the more downloadable and eligible for your business.

Along with themes, you would also want to be sure of the plugins that you will download. There are plugins for just about every feature you wish to install with the blog. Be it hovering a Pinterest button over the images, or image size scaling plugins or for that matter any other image optimizer, you can easily find plugins that suit your sensibilities.

How Big or Small Are the Images Going to Be

Here, we can go back to the the second point made above. When a post of your contains just an image and a short description or caption below it, it is recommended that the image should occupy a major portion of the screen. If however you plan to add a prose below it, then a medium size image will serve the purpose just right. As for the thumbnail size, those would only look good as featured images for a post.

The Right Image Filenames

SEO has a part ot play in everything Internet. At the end of the day, you want good quality traffic on your site, and SEO is your best chance of attracting that. Now, installing the relevant plugins and adding meta keywords and descriptions comes later, to begin with, you have to give the SEO-friendly names to the images on your site. Don’t just give them gibberish names. An image of the “fire bellied toad”, for example, should be named accordingly.

Be it for monetary interests, or for just creating a personal space, a photoblog is meant to leave your audience spellbound, and that, it should.


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