24 Ligneous and Creative Wooden Gadget Designs

Being nostalgic or wishful is one of those characteristics that can upgrade your imagination to create a first-class kind of creativity which can potentially provide positive changes to the modern technology. The simplicity and uniqueness effectively attract consumers, especially if that something is nearly impossible for them to be there.

One of those things that can surely appear unimaginable to them is seeing an electronic gadget or device made up (although not entirely) on wood. This thing could just be in virtual but it’s actually possible and it brings lots of possibilities. It brings a thrilling effect that would really make the public gets curious about what this innovation can bring. Well, bamboo has been a very good component for some latest creations and wood could do really well, or maybe even better.

What you can see below is a compilation of the best creative wooden gadget designs that will really strike anyone. It will lure you, me and them. This product of creativity has been just really amazing to be ignored. Maybe many would say that there is a bit lack of style and it may be too simple but that will be covered up with its quality it can bring and remember, simplicity is the true beauty of everything.

Natural Real Carved Camera Style Wood Wooden Case Cover for iPhone 4 4G 4s

Wooden Tactile Keyboard

Lazerwood Keys for Apple Extended Keyboard

Laptop and Gadget Station

Lazerwood for Beats Studio

Lazerwood Keys for Apple Wireless Keyboard

Lazerwood Keys for MacBook Pro – Walnut

Ambidextrous Keyboard Tray

Drop Spot

Slim Ambidextrous Keyboard Tray

Keyboard Tray with Remote

iPad Stereo Station

Macbook Pro Case

Wooden case for Macbook Pro

Custom Steampunk Xbox 360 Controller

Wooden USB Stick

iPad stand

TO:CA wood LED clocks by kouji iwasaki

Sonic Woodblock Clock

To:Ca Mini and 10 Digit Wood Clock



Gorgeous iPad Cases Made From Sustainably Harvested Wood

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