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Web design resources are extremely hard to create from scratch. Sculpting design resources ground up is not only a tedious task, but also increases the costing of your project. Then why resort to such age old practices when you can simply download some already developed templates. Yes, that true, thanks to DealFuel, now you can let your imagination spread its wings and create original web elements by simply tweaking the pre-existing design templates. So why wait, keep reading and find out in details about some of the amazing design resources DealFuel has to offer.

  1. Hipster and Retro Icon Setdesign-resources-01

As the name states, these icons are simple classy and would definitely remind you of the retro and vintage 60s. These icons are simple line icons which can be used to depict a number of purposes and instructions. These icons can be downloaded in different formats and would surely improve the look and feel of your website. It can be instantly downloaded for free and can be used for commercial purposes.

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  1. Responsive WordPress Templatedesign-resources-02

This WordPress template is not like any other responsive template that are available in the current market. This template is created especially keeping in mind the food industry. This template has an attractive vibe to it and can be used to effortlessly portray the culinary creations of your restaurants or cafes. It comes with multiple licenses and comes with a lot of added advantages.

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  1. Portfolio WordPress themedesign-resources-03

If you are creating your personal profile or want to showcase the photography and artistic creations of your client, this is the theme to choose. This theme comes with a number of different sliders which are perfect for portraying your innovative works. It adopts a minimalistic design and is compatible with different browsers and devices of varying resolutions. They are easy to use and customize and comes with multiple commercial licenses.

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  1. Full Slide WordPress Themedesign-resources-04

Sliders not only enhance the aesthetics of your website, but also enhances the efficiency by allowing you to display more content over a fixed space. This theme can most aptly be used to design blogs, commercial websites and personal portfolios. They can be instantly downloaded and used for your personal or commercial projects.

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  1. 3D App Mockupdesign-resources-05

This template provides you a realistic 3 dimensional edge to your website. It has a simple yet clean design and can be customized according to your needs and requirements. You can instantly download the high resolution psds and shape your 3 dimensional website which would knock out every competitor website that stands against it.

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  1. Hand Drawn Vector Iconsdesign-resources-06

This pack consists of 25 hand drawn vector icons that are as unique as it could get. These icons can be used for website navigation, for chat and messaging purposes and even as for various social networking sites. These icons have a simplistic and clean look and feel to it and can be downloaded in format of your choice. They are available in different sizes and use in for your personal or commercial projects.

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  1. Concrete Texture Packdesign-resources-07

This concrete texture pack consists of 6 high resolution cement and concrete textures, that provide a distinct rustic look and feel to it. It provides a certain edge to your website and improves the appeal of your website leaps and bounds. These textures can be instantly downloaded in .jpg format and can be applied for your commercial or personal projects.

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  1. Vector Stars Packdesign-resources-08

Stars are an integral part of numerous website, especially for those where user rating plays an vital role. They can also be very useful in auction and e-commerce website. They can be used for highlighting important rules and information and also for creating advertisements, website background and even greeting cards.

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  1. Seamless Icons and Wood Patterns

The seamless icons and wood icons have a classy aura surrounding it and can be used as website background, as website headers, poster or even as illustrations. This freebie has 15 different Photoshop patterns and can be instantly downloaded and used according to your needs.

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  1. High Quality Web Resources

These web resources bundle is a great resource for web designers and artists. This bundle consists of a editorial calender template and a ten character bundle in different poses.

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