The 6 Key Elements of an Effective Business WordPress Site

WordPress is possibly the biggest web development program ever created. Many businesses, stories, and blogs have been brought to life via WordPress because of its ease of use and affordability. However, just having the right theme in WordPress isn’t enough to generate the business leads your business needs so as to boost the SERP rankings.

You have to get some elements right to drive up sales. For your business to operate effectively online, whether you run a big or a small enterprise, you must have the following elements covered:


  1. Uptime

    Isn’t it depressing for your high-traffic business to experience an unplanned downtime? Can you see the frustration on your client’s faces when you have a prolonged downtime? Well, unfortunately, the downtimes are bound to happen, but what matters most is your preparedness.The first action point is setting up a system to monitor the website’s traffic 24/7. Constant monitoring through a dashboard and a system to send notification will help you to take action and restore your site when there is a downtime. WordPress has some of these monitoring tools, which you can take advantage of.

  2. Speed

    Your website’s bounce rate and the speed of operation correlate. Slow loading websites have higher bounce and abandonment rates. You do not want this to be your business, as it signifies a very low and ineffective interface for users.

    This also affects ranking on SERPs because the search engines consider your loading time and the abandonment rates when ranking sites. As a WordPress user, you should consider using page caching to speed up internet processing.

  3. Marketing

    Effective marketing plans are important in determining and generating leads. The content on your website should be able to attract visitors and convert them into customers. You can make this happen by utilizing the knowledge of the marketing funnel and also integrating plugins and other customizable marketing features.

  4. Conversion

    Even with the best marketing and ecommerce plugins customized to your website, you will still need to have a means of generating real leads. There are various CRM tools that can be utilized here including Salesforce and Salesforce Git.

    This will enable you to automatically create leads and convert them, and access the information about your customers on the cloud. Monitoring your businesses click-to-action buttons and the share social media buttons will help you get real insights into your marketing campaign and the conversion rates.

  5. Security

    Even with the highest loading speeds and high conversion rates, you can lose your customers if your site is considered insecure. WordPress continually upgrades its security systems to ensure that your company gets state of the art protection, at all times.

    As a big corporation, or a smaller one, you are highly recommended to invest more in security to secure your account. Utilize the multi-factor authentication where additional verification codes will be required for access of the site.

  6. Social media marketing

    The best WordPress sites have social media buttons for sharing products and services to potential and existing customers. Sharing information results in higher readability and this may lead to higher sales.

In conclusion, your WordPress-developed website should have the best tools for SEO including high loading speeds, high security, low downtimes and a good host. You should also consider using appropriate and buyer-persona targeted marketing campaigns monitored automatically using the best applications or plugins.

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