Effective Tips To Optimize The Frequency Of Emails

Emails are a great way to remain in touch with the targeted audience to keep them updated with the latest happening. It is the easiest medium to let the users get updates of any particular industry. No doubt, emails have always proved to be an effective message spreading medium but an increased efficiency can prove to be fatal. Yes, you heard it right! Sending frequent mails to your audience may force the user to click on the unsubscribe button.

Studies have found that sending mails in bulk for the success of your email campaign is not the mantra now. In fact it can break the users’ faith upon the sender and he can prove the same by clicking the unsubscribe button. Therefore, it is very important for the email marketers to know the current trends so that users keep their interest in receiving and reading a mail sent from anywhere. To get this thing done easily, business owners need to follow some of the effective tips listed here.email-list

  1. Check the calender before sending the mail: The ultimate success of a mail lies in the fact that the user click upon the mail, read it carefully and get the message correctly. If the mail fails to compel the users in doing any of these tasks, it will lack the success. If you want your user to perform all these tasks, then send the mail on a working day except holidays. Sending mails during holidays carry a risk of getting unnoticed by the user as this is the time when the subscriber is busy with things other than work. One more thing to notice is that never send an email over weekends. This is the time when messages pile up in inbox and thus there are chances that an email gets overlooked . Hence, never let your efforts go in shuffle.
  1. Send your mails during afternoons: If the email has already landed in the users inbox when he is at his work you have won the half battle. Sending messages during afternoon helps the sender cross the usual barrage of sending early-morning emails. On the other hand, sending messages during late afternoon or in evenings will brush aside the message as the user may log off his system for the day. Hence, early afternoons are always good to let your subscribe offer updates of the business. It is the ideal time for him to check his mail and thus the chances are there that your mail gets the required attention of the user. Sending messages after the lunch break carries the highest probability of coming into the notice. This is not possible at morning or even in evening time.
  1. Find out the ideal frequency: To find out the perfect frequency of sending mails is not an easy task. You can never figure out how many mails are enough to stay top in the mind of the subscribers. Fortunately, the nature of your product or the services you are providing along with the campaign tracking data you have gathered can help you determine the ideal number of posts that should be sent each day to a subscriber. This information can help to draw you a perfect line between too often and not enough. Product-focused mails can also help to get attention of the user and there are chances that these messages will be viewed every time they were sent to user. Content-driven newsletters have also the capacity to get most views if sent with value-added content such as tips to get ideal property at less price directed towards targeted audience.
  1. Maintain consistency while sending emails and newsletter: Maintaining consistency with emails means to keep an ideal pace of sending a message. There are cases wherein some companies have sent messages in bulk on a particular day and then not even pinged the subscriber for almost two-three weeks. Such gestures are fatal for any business. Let your subscriber know about the signing up option and managing his account for the purposes such as how many emails they wish to receive in a day and what they wish to get in a newsletter. Sticking to this pattern will not only help you to make a healthy professional relation but also make your business organized.

Your subscriber is the person who plays an important role in the success of the email and ultimately for the business. Without the support from subscribers’ community it is just impossible to get online reputation for your business. Moreover, the frequency of sending the mails should be kept ideal. Stick to the points mentioned above to maintain the gap between enough and ample.


As a passionate email designer at EmailChopper, Andrew Hudson spends his time in researching the latest technologies and methodologies to accomplish emails in an efficient manner. He loves to share his views and tips related to email designing and help business owners to get success in their projects. You can follow : Twitter, Facebook, Google+

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