Elegant Wallpaper Pack for your Apple Device

Who can resist a free stuff this days? No one isn’t it? And if you are one of those fellas who always customize their gadget specially those who loved Apple products you will definitely be picking up one of this featured wallpaper pack that came from the creativity of  Kyle Gray (klikekyle on instagram) over at PixeledMind.com which compiled by Merek Davis.

Even if you are not fund of spicing your desktop or lockscreen, you will surely love this elegant and minimal wallpapers. Yes, I already stick one of these to my ipad and iphone. So if you want your devices to have uniform look. Grab one now.

Wallpaper Pack – Graphite


Wallpaper Pack – Aperture



Wallpaper Pack – Rock Salt


Wallpaper Pack – Elation

Wallpaper Pack – Mulberry


Wallpaper Pack – Trinity

Original article via CultofMac

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