What to Expect from Your Nikon D7000

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So it is important for us to capture every moment that we have with our family, friends and loved ones. With your Nikon D700, every picture taken captures every detailed necessary. It will be very clear and life-like. We do not have to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos. Using your Nikon D7000, you’ll attain vividly captured images right there and then. Aside from still photos, it is also important to capture moments exactly how it happened and someday look back at those special occasions like graduations, reunions, and birthdays. So it is important to have a camera with the capability of recording videos – not just 3GP videos but HD videos.

This makes the Nikon D7000 the right choice given these criteria. Let us list as to why we must choose Nikon D7000. But since not many of us can understand technical terms pertaining to DSLR cameras, we will explain to you the main features of the Nikon D7000 in a way that everyone would understand.

Camera Resolution

Camera resolution is one of the most usually considered features when buying a camera. The Nikon D7000 is proud to have its second highest resolution among SLR cameras of the same brand, having a 16.2 mega pixels resolution. This will help you take an amazing photo, for instance, of a flower because you can capture even its pollens. If you are into macro photography, having a Nikon D7000 would be a great start for you. It would make your amazing photos come to life.

3.0 LCD screen

After taking a picture, most people usually check the picture immediately on the LCD. This is a habit by photographers to assess whether the photo is good enough or if it has to be retaken. Nikon D7000 has an LCD screen bigger that the Nikon D90. It also has a higher resolution LCD that makes the picture seen in the camera appear how it should be.

Two SD Card Slot

Nikon D7000 also has the feature of a twin SD card slot. This would not make you worry of running out of memory space. You can keep on taking amazing photos without constantly checking your memory space. This is also a feature that would be helpful for people taking videos because you won’t having to constantly transfer your shots to a computer which is very time consuming.

Video Recording Capability

When you are celebrating a family occasion or travelling with your friends, not only pictures are important. It will be amazing if you would be able to capture the whole moment while your friend sings an embarrassing song or while your cousin walks down the aisle. Nikon D7000 also has the capability to capture moments like these, having 1080 pixels of HD video recording. Now, for students or individuals who are into documentaries or short movies, Nikon D7000 also has a microphone jack. This feature would be helpful to capture voice vividly.

Live View Shooting

For startup photographers, Nikon D7000 can be your first best friend. It has the capability of being used simultaneously while it is connected to your computer. By simple set up, you can take amazing photos that will be directly saved and will directly appear on your computer.

To Sum Up

Because of technology, we can now capture special memories. Using the Nikon D7000, you’ll be able to attain quality images. This camera has features that will delight photographers such as 16.2 megapixels resolution, 1080 pixels HD video recording, 3.0 high-resolution LCD, Live View Shooting capability and twin SD card slot. This is the camera that deserves to capture your precious memories.

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  • Archie M. de Lara

    I’ve been using Canon for my photos, but I think I would like to have Nikon D7000. I see great reviews about Nikon.

    • coalesceideas

      Keep your Canon just add Nikon gear 🙂 I am using both brand since there are times that I am shooting with either brand user and I have to dance with the, 🙂