SEO Tips: External SEO Efforts You Need to Focus On

SEO or search engine optimization is never just about improving your site for SEO purposes. It is also about connecting with other sites, posting content on social media and engaging your users directly. There are a few external SEO efforts you should really focus on.

Social Networks

Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well as other social networks should definitely be part of your SEO campaign. In fact, the best SEO company will most definitely advise you to start engaging your users through social media. There are a number of reasons why social media is an inseparable part of any good SEO campaign:

  1. Social networking sites have good page rank and can really boost your site’s SEO performance. By sharing links to content on your website, you can gain a lot of credibility and jumpstart your SEO campaign.
  2. Social networking sites also enable you to communicate with your users. Be active and respond to questions or inquiries. Share content that users can really benefit from instead of just advertising your products or services through social media.
  3. Let’s not forget that social media sites are great sources of direct traffic. You don’t even have to have many followers to gain traffic. As long as you are connecting with the right set of influencers, you can tap into thousands of new audience rather easily.


Guest Posts and Backlinks

Writing guest posts is a good way to increase your credibility as a brand or an individual. You can write about product usage tips, general tips and tricks or even write about the industry in general. Add a backlink to your site with a call to action as the anchor.

The combination is one of the best SEO instrument to use. You will be amazed by just how much more traffic you can gain from doing guest posting, especially if the post is published on a high profile blog.

Depending on the page rank of the host blog or site, you can also gain a lot in terms of search engine rankings. As an added bonus, your users will see the brand as being more credible and reliable.

Analytics and Monitoring

Your external SEO efforts should not stop with active campaigns. You must also take extra care, track the progress of the campaign and monitor your SEO efforts in order to stay on top of the campaign. Luckily, there are more than enough analytic tools that will help you keep track of your campaign.

The reason why analytics are important is because a good SEO campaign must keep up with the changes in search engine algorithm and the overall market development as well. Don’t hesitate to make adjustments when necessary. Evaluate your current SEO tactics and make changes as you see the market shifts.

It is also a good idea to try and reach new market segments. The possibilities are endless; spot new audience groups to reach and adjust your content – and the SEO strategy behind them – so that you can attract more viewers and convert them into customers effectively.

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