Extraordinary Photo Manipulation of Erik Johansson

Three years ago when I came across to the photo manipulation collection of Erik Johansson, since then, his creative work of art can be seen from the top-notch inspirational websites.

The inspiration that his work brings to the professionals and to those who are still working their way up is such a huge help, I myself have picked up some of his techniques in combining photos and as I was sitting here and trying to browse for inspiration just to have additional knowledge, immediately came to my mind the name of Erick Johansson and found myself searching his website.

Erik Johansson, is a young and very talented artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. He owns a Canon EOS 5d mark II, Canon EF 24-70/2.8L USM, Canon EF 50/1.8, Canon EF 17-40/4L USM, Elinchrom flashes that he abuses for taking photo and later applies a great photoshopping skills to produce a stunning product of photo manipulation.


The above collection is his personal work, if you wish to see more of his work and other photo manipulation visit his website http://erikjohanssonphoto.com/

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