Flat WordPress Theme Design and 22 Examples

We live in a digital world where almost half of the adult population owns a smart phone or a tablet which are mainly used for online browsing and social networking needs. As a matter of fact, numerous people from all over the world take a few hours a day to surf the Web. Being active users, more and more people have relied on the Internet as a source of information, news, product reviews and many more; thus, the popularity of blogs and other websites

For the past few years, blogging has been popular among people and business owners alike. While some people use this as a medium for sharing their thoughts and experiences, business owners take this advantage by delivering their latest products and news updates to their audiences worldwide.

WordPress Themes

Blog owners can customize their sites and alter its appearance with the use of theme. With this advantage, you shall be able to modify your site’s functionality, incorporate your personal touches and give your audiences a dose of your loving personality.

WordPress offers thousands of themes so you can easily switch from one theme to another even without programming knowledge. These themes are easily available online. Some are free, while some comes with a minimal fee.

Flat WordPress Theme

They say, less is more. Flat Web designs do away with the 3D effects, fancy shadows, gradients and others. Here, they focus on displaying rich colors and easily readable texts which results in a clean and minimalist web design.

Sporting a flat WordPress theme might not be the first idea that would come to mind if you are to create your own site. Of course, you would want to impress your readers by featuring a great website. However, by going with a flat design, you shall create a clean and elegant template which shall be easily appreciated by users as this would allow them to focus on the more important aspects of your site, the content.  Also, this will be a great template for business owners, projecting a professional and corporate look.

While you wish to personalize and beautify your site, keep in mind that these are just added features. More importantly, it is your content which shall determine the overall effect of your site. So, work on your content and behold the elegance of these flat designs.

Showy – Bold & Flat Portfolio

Flat – Responsive Portfolio Theme

Flat WooCommerce Theme

Hypertext – Flat Portfolio WordPress Theme

Glider • Clean & Powerful Flat stylish theme

Bloq: Responsive and Multipurpose Flat Theme

Amada – Flat and Fresh WordPress Theme

Business Essentials Premium WordPress Theme

Shift – A Tumblog Style WordPress Blogging Theme

Modern Metro – Responsive WordPress Theme

Hurry | Responsive & Retina Theme

Octavus Responsive Portfolio WP Theme

.Make: A WordPress Theme

Aeolus – Corporate Minimalist WordPress Theme

Vetro – A Flat UI WordPress Theme

RedStar – A Creative WordPress Theme

Artisan – Creative Responsive WordPress Theme

Alfie The Responsive Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Lambo – Premium Photography Theme

INVIA Responsive Corporate WP Theme

Emotion – Responsive WordPress Theme

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