Gold Rush II: High Definition Wallpaper Free to Download

The creativity that comes from within the artist is no doubt overflowing. This is one essential element that brings out the best output when working on a design project. Being creative is triggered with some inspiration, some of us prefer to spend some time in a quiet and serene place to gather our thoughts before designing. It may be a graphic design, web design, illustrations and 3d’s, we need at least a hint of inspiration where we draw our final concept.

Some of the artists also prefer to have a quick and out of the box inspiration, those motivation that can be easily achieved or look upon. Let us say changing your desktop wallpaper is one way to have an easy inspiration.

Today, we have a new high definition wallpaper that is free to download. This wallpaper is designed by Gonzalo Piacentino where he uses Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Mudbox (All Versions) and Realflow to bring this Gold Rush II wallpaper.

Go ahead, download the free wallpaper.




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