Home Office Feng Shui Tips/Options

Feng Shui is the art of setting up indoor space to be functional, attractive and comfortable. Using Feng Shui to decorate your home office can make spending time there more enjoyable. After using this system to arrange your office furniture and decorate the room, you should be able to feel centered and relaxed throughout the work day.

Maintain Separation of Space

Your office may be located in your house, but it should not feel like a part of your home. Maintaining separation between the office and your home can help you maintain work/life balance, which makes it easier to stay productive at work. Separation of space is maintained in a variety of ways.

  • Paint the room in a color that is different from the rest of the home’s interior.
  • Make a separate entrance for the home office.
  • Choose a room that is isolated from other rooms in the house.

Doing this will help delineate the boundaries between work and home.

Let in As Much Light As You Can

Much like plenty of light is important when staging a home to sell, light is important for completing work tasks. A combination of natural and artificial light may be necessary for ensuring that the home office is properly lit. To let in as much light as possible, clean the windows and remove heavy curtains. Prune bushes outside the windows to prevent the shrubs from blocking the light. Leave sheers in place to allow light to filter into the room. Install lamps and task lights. Keep the bulbs fresh to ensure that the lights are always working.

Decorate With Meaningful Objects

Decorating with objects that have meaning can help you feel comfortable while at work. Choose a small handful of objects that have personal or sentimental meaning, then display the objects around the room where they can be seen from the desk. Try to keep all decor to a minimum to avoid over stimulation during the work day.

Place Your Desk in the Command Position

Never turn your desk facing away from the door, because this is symbolic of turning your back on business. Position your desk so that it faces the door, but angle the desk slightly so that you aren’t looking straight on at everything that comes in the room.

Leave Some Empty Space

Empty space in the room can leave you with a feeling of peace. Avoid filling the room with furniture, books and paper that can contribute to feelings of anxiety or stress. If your tendency is to save everything and to build up objects over time, clean out your space on a regular basis. Purge everything that does not need to be kept. Avoid adding extra pieces of furniture to the room.

Pick the Right Paint

Soothing, calming, natural colors are best for a home office. Blue-grays are sophisticated and reassuring, and can help generate feelings of peace throughout the work day. Green stimulates creativity and is excellent for home offices belonging to artists and creative types. Neutrals like gray and beige work best in home offices where clients are likely to visit, because these colors can help guests feel at home.

Decorate with Greenery

Greenery like oxygenating plants can help breathe life into your office. Position them carefully around the room to ensure that they can be seen from your desk as you look at various points around the office. Keep the plants watered and trim.

Work with a Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui is an excellent space-planning system that can help turn your home office into a fun and productive place to spend your time. If you’re feeling lost in the decorating process, a Feng Shui consultant can help you achieve your goals for your office. To find out more, consult with a reputable Feng Shui consultant in your area.

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