How to Select Right Ecommerce Platform for Your New Online Store?

It is often hard for to-be online entrepreneurs to pick the best platform to set up their first ever online store. Today, if something can rain money for business owners, it is the online stores. You could hardly find any organization that sell products without any website online. With the help of ecommerce website builder everything is done with ease. So, if you really have to launch on the trend, the ideal way should be to establish an online store with some amazing features and shopping cart. If this is what you’re looking for, then this post might be the right platform to begin with.


In short, the owners have to formulate a few ideas to pick the best ecommerce platform. A few factors that they need to consider while looking out for a best platform are stated below.

  • Robustness
  • Expandability
  • Pliability
  • Architecture
  • Best shopping cart experience
  • Stable releases
  • Countless extensions and themes
  • 100% Open source nature
  • High customization facility
  • Cost-effectiveness, etc.

Here are some noteworthy points which could help customers pick their best platform.

1. Planning your business goals:

A great way to kick start your online service is by analyzing and setting up your business goals. No business can really flourish without any goals set. So, a prime factor that needs to be analyzed and finalized is your business motto, target audiences, and goals. Ecommerce requires meticulous planning and execution to make it a huge success.

2. Picking the best CMS:

This is often the toughest part for online customers as they are provided with a lot of options like Magento, Joomla, WordPress, Virtuemart, OSCommerce, etc. It purely depends on the type of business and target audiences you’ve chosen to select the ecommerce platform you look out for. Most often it is Magento which wins the race for its amazing shopping cart experience and sales. If you’re have developed a good deal of idea about ecommerce platform you’d apparently know that Magento is the best platform today, for all businesses irrespective of their sizes.

3. Why Magento?

It is an interesting question to ask for! However, it would be great if you realize what Magento has got to impress its users and site owners mutually. Unlike other platforms like Joomla and WordPress, which are also quite popular among online web owners, Magento promises a lot with some robust features and facilities. A special difference that speculates Magento from rest of the platforms is its architecture and complete ecommerce-oriented designing. If creating a platform which is out-and-out for selling products, then Magento is the best choice.

4. What Magento offers?

Robustness, extensibility, and stable releases. These 3 vital factors have played pivotal roles in the surge of Magento.

  • Dynamic merchandizing options
  • Abundant extensions and themes
  • 100% Open source nature
  • Top security and safety
  • Both customer- and owner-friendly
  • Amazing support community
  • Cost-effective (bit higher compared to Joomla, and WordPress but worth the cost as it is secure)
  • Amazing shopping cart with rich features
  • Multiple store set up options
  • One page checkout facility
  • Multilanguage support, etc.

5. How easy it is to customize Magento?

It is a million dollar question bothering the minds of many online entrepreneurs. Of course, it is well known that Magento is developed with complex coding structure, and no denying this fact. But, to negotiate this negative impact and to impress users and owners, Magento offers its customers some rock-solid extensions for easing out the performance of the products. Extensions like One Step Checkout, Ajaxt Cart available in the market today can simplify the process of customers who wish to customize their shopping carts for better sales and promotions.

From the above discussion it becomes clear that Magento is a robust platform best suited for developing an ecommerce website. Kick start your ecommerce campaign with Magento and start earning hefty profits.

I hope this post was beneficial to most users. If you have any other opinion in contrast to what I’ve stated here, kindly input your thoughts via comments.


This article was written by Kathy Daunt, she is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in Magento Checkout cart and  Magento analytics benefits. Follow  via Google+, Twitter , FaceBook


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