14 Nifty Image and Video Resources to Spice Up Your Web Design

For over decades of innovation, web design has gone into a significant leap of improvements. Initially, the basic HTML was the primary face of the web – dull, boring, disorganized, and limited features, browsing the internet at that moment seems to be lifeless. In this reason, innovators have spent a lot of time to think of how they could change the way we see and use the web and to better liven it up. Years of hard work and patience paid off as the web design consequently enhanced, better versions were introduced and a lot more features were added. Some of which are the introduction of video headers, image sliders, and modern photo headers.

Currently, we already obtain the latest technology and trends in web design. The creative rendition of images and videos are implemented. These resources became an essential element for the web design. Images and videos are an exceptional representation of art – every color delivers a meaning, every expression signifies an emotion, and every setting sets a particular mood. While moving pictures create a flashback of timeless memories, it also shows an earthshaking dose of aesthetics. We believe that these shouldn’t be compromised.

With that we would like to express our love for our hardworking web designers! Well if you are one or thinking of becoming one, and you are looking for great sources of high quality images and videos to be used in your website, or in any purpose you wish to, we are glad to tell you about our secret. Below, we have chosen 14 of the best resources where you can grab and create these stunning images and videos to spice up your web design. And to mention, they’re all FREE!

    A studio quality video editor right in your web browser.

    This editor features footage enhancement, audio auto-balancing, high-end graphics packages, background replacement tech and more – all at your fingertips. It will eventually render a studio quality video, no doubt. You can also pick your format, background and graphics, customize your photos and videos or text. And with its easy-to-use feature, you don’t have to learn video editing skills anymore!

    Try Showbox Now – www.showbox.com

    An online video editor that transforms your static homepage background into a video background.

    Don’t have the coding skills? Worry no more! You’ll just need to follow these simple steps to get a live video cover running in your website!

    Download your favorite video.
    Upload the video to your website.
    Add the snippets to your website and boom!

    You’re live!Try Coverr Now – www.coverr.co

    A video optimizer that can compress videos up to 60% without losing the video’s quality.

    Compressify uses an algorithm to automatically detect the optimal reduced bitrate and re-encodes the file, compressing video files up by 20-60% with visually identical frames and virtually the same browser compatibility.

    Try Compressify Now – compressify.herokuapp.com

    Best free stock photos you can use everywhere.

    Free for commercial use and no attribution required.Pexels provides high quality and completely free stock photos licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. All photos are nicely tagged, searchable and also easy to discover through their discovery pages. They cover over 15,000 free stock photos and every month, at least 3,000 new high resolution photos are added. This is a great catch for image and video enthusiasts!

    Try Pexels Now – www.pexels.com

    Free HD Photos for your Web Designs.

    With its social network-like structure, photo sharing by its community of users makes it easier for everyone to submit and download high quality images. Images are licensed under Creative Commons and doesn’t require further attributions. If you’re a photo enthusiast and love to mingle with others, you’ll surely find your place at Unsplash. If you’re a web designer on the other hand, this is also an ideal place to source your images.

    Try Unsplash Now – www.unsplash.com

  6. DEATH TO STOCKimg-vide-resources-15A photo and inspiration haven for creatives crushing their path.

    Free photos from email and with an option to become a premium member, Death To Stock is one of the hottest free HD photos website that caught the attention of the press. This site is ideal for extraordinary brands, bloggers and creatives who struggle to find images that fit their vibe + tribe. To help more brands create rich digital experiences that elevated their visual aesthetic without shelling out wads of cash or sanity are its primary goal.

    Try Death To Stock Now – www.deathtothestockphoto.com

    Find Photos, “Crop” and Edit all at once.

    Photype, a web app that was developed by NuSchool is an easy-to-use photo editing program that will surely save a lot of time and energy. Just by simply typing your keyword of desired photo in its search bar, you’ll instantly get a ton of image results. Once you selected one, you can choose the type of crop you’ll need, and if you’re satisfied enough, you’ll just need to hit the ‘Get Photo’ button to be redirected to the download page.

    Try Photype Now – www.photype.co

  8. JPEGMini
    An image optimizer where you can reduce image size up to 80% without compromising quality.

    JPEGMini is a patent-pending photo recompression technology, which significantly reduces the size of photographs without affecting their perceptual quality. The technology works in a domain of baseline JPEG, resulting in files that are compatible with any browser, photo software or device that support the standard JPEG format.

    Try JPEGMini Now – www.jpegmini.com

    A source of high quality free stock photos.

    PicJumbo is an astounding tool that enables everyone to grab absolutely free stock photos that can be used for commercial and personal projects. This service is exceptional since every image in its database can be used for themes making this an invaluable resource for web designers. Whether you’re looking for still lives of busy streets, beautiful landscapes, foods, editorial scenes, PicJumbo has a lot to offer for you. And everyday, hundreds of photos are added.

    Try PicJumbo Now – www.picjumbo.com

    Another irresistible service for free eye-candy stock photos.

    A project launched by Commit 2 design, Realistic Shots offers free stock photos of high resolution for personal and commercial use. With its clean and modern interface, one can simply search its site for any photo where you can download for free. Plus, 7 new photos are added every week. Just make something creative!

    Try Realistic Shots Now – www.realisticshots.com

    Free HD Stock Video Footage for Everyone!

    With its active community of users, Videezy is the ideal place to share and download free HD stock videos, backgrounds and other cool free video footages. It makes it easy to explore thousands of clips created by people from all over the globe. All of the videos are free to download and depending on the license, free to use in your projects. With Videezy’s Creative Commons license wizard – it gives you a fine-grained control over how your files are used.

    Try Videezy Now – www.videezy.com

  12. VIDEVO
    Free Stock Footage and Motion Graphics perfect for Designers and Creatives.

    Videvo’s huge database of footages and motion graphics are generously produced and uploaded by its community of freelancers and users. In this sense, these free stock footage clips can be used in any project, commercial and non-commercial in a royalty free basis and it doesn’t require complicated licensing. This allows everyone to concentrate on what they do best – to create awesome videos. Simply register for a free account, sign in and you’re ready to start downloading. Its easy to find what you’re looking for, since every clip is arranged in a number of categories, from abstract to arts, and culture from sports to science.

    Try Videvo Now – www.videvo.net

    Curated Free HD Videos for Creatives.

    Distill is a curated video resource website that offers free 10-30 second HD videos for anyone to download and use under the Creative Commons Zero license. Its intent is to create a platform for creatives and provide artists and agencies with a way to reach a larger audience by creating highly accessible platform. The resource site is still in its private beta. Distill is a commendable place to share great videography.

    Try Distill Now – www.wedistill.io

    Find free, public domain, high resolution photos for your commercial and personal needs.

    Splashbase is one of the great free websites that offers free high resolution photos. The key thing about Splashbase is that, images have almost zero strings attached. With its useful and easy to navigate interface, you’ll easily find the images you want. Its archive houses thousands of images.

    Try Splashbase Now – www.splashbase.co

Have something more to add in our list? Feel free to send us a snap in our inbox and Coalesceideas will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a great day!

Important Note: Parts of the descriptions were fetched from their individual websites. Also, coalesciedeas.com is not in any way affiliated with the websites abovementioned. Images and graphics are from their respective owners.


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