Important Guides for Brochure Printing

Every kind of business requires an aspect of effective marketing for it to succeed. Although marketing involves the use of different kinds of media, high quality brochures are still the hallmark of good marketing practice. Brochures offer a sneak preview into a business entity. High quality brochures are sure to influence current and potential customers. Putting together a high quality brochure takes a lot of dedication where many steps have to be done meticulously for the brochure printing process to be successful. The process of printing the brochures should never be rushed. The following tips offer a guide in the process of printing high quality brochures:

Picking the Size

A decision on the size of the brochure should be made before the actual designing process of the brochures starts. Printing the brochures on the wrong size may cause the brochure to appear stretched or have some important information cut off. If you intend to print the brochures yourself, it will be easier for you to deal with the changes. You can pick from the various sizes including the standard size of 8.5 x 11 (inches) or the smaller brochures of 4.5 x 5.5 (inches).

Choosing the Paper

The quality of paper used in brochure printing determines the quality of the final product. Normally, brochures are printed on heavy text paper. For example, the 10lb cover stock offers a good media for brochure printing. The cover stock offers more protection to the brochure and shine for visual appeal. A paper with a heavier gloss is the best.

Color or Black & White

You can choose to have your brochures in black and white or in color. Colored brochures demonstrate professionalism and seriousness. Although it costs you more to have your brochures printed in color, the response is certainly worth every extra penny spent. The colors that you see on screen vary from the printed pages. The design program can be calibrated with the monitor using design software to provide the typical look of the colors on the printed brochures on your monitor’s screen.

Use Templates

Using a template makes the work of designing the brochure easy and quicker. The printing process will be smoother because designing will be done on the correct size without having to go through a process of trial and error. The information will fit correctly thus eliminating the need for tedious corrections.


The text in the brochure should be short and concise. No one will go through several paragraphs in your brochure to sift through information.

Brochure printing, if accompanied by some graphic, the text may be more attention-grabbing and also more easily read and convert more into sales.

Now you have known those important guides for brochure printing, time to pick the best company to have your brochure printed. Check out business brochures page of Company Folder and from there you can start to order online.

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