Just How Smart Are Smart Shoes?

If you have seen a television commercial in the past six months, then you have likely noticed that everything is ‘smart.’ Your TV, dishwasher, kettle, and yes, even your bin is ‘smart’ and connected to the internet for a multitude of reasons.

If you thought that ‘smart’ was limited to your home appliances, think again. Get ready for ‘Smart Shoes’!

Smart shoes have gained a lot of traction (pardon the pun) in recent times thanks in large part to the boom of fitness trackers. Both the devices and the accompanying apps.

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The ideal blend of technology and shoe came to us on the silver screen in 1989 in the hit movie ‘Back to the Future, Part 2’. In this movie, Michael J. Fox’s character puts on a pair of sneakers which with no shoelaces and which clearly don’t fit. With the press of a button the ‘power laces’ tighten and the shoe becomes solid.

If you remember drooling over these shoes, drool no more! As long as you have the cash, these shoes are available right now! Nike finally released a power lacing sneaker as a limited edition run.

In addition to fashion, technology also sees a blend with shoes by way of fitness trackers. Numerous shoes from the Groupon Coupons page for Aldo either include space for a fitness tracker to be placed, or include the technology themselves.

These shoes provide the wearer with very detailed information about their journey, including information about miles, inclines, calories burned, routes, and more.

Both of these types of smart shoe have their obvious benefits and include technology which is very powerful. However, it isn’t bleeding edge.

Bleeding edge technology comes to shoes in the form of Shift Sneakers. Their claim to fame is being made from conductive fibers which can be changed to reflect differing wavelengths of light. In short, they are a pair of shoes which change color.

That’s right – a pair of shoes that can change color!

Everywhere that you look, technology is present, with fashion being no exception. Whether it be for health or for fashion, it’s clear that this partnership is here to stay.

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