Top 10 Latest Trends in the UI Design

User Interface(UI) design of mobile applications is the most basic variable for building up the applications that will pull in your clients. On the off chance that your application neglects to convey a best-in-class client encounter then your clients will basically not download the mobile applications as there are a lot of applications accessible in the App Stores, empowering you to take better and more quick choices. The future of development of interfaces has returned to where everything started, ZERO. It began with no interface and afterward came punch cards, consoles, mouse, touchscreens and now again we are moving towards the undetectable interfaces. Google glass has a little to credit for the new move, which offered lift to each mind who was thinking toward that path. Presently geniuses are working away at incorporating these interface more with our every day lives and offering ascend to another wonder, called Natural User Interfaces.

Follow the latest UI design trends for success of your app:

1. Content-driven Design

When whole UI is just a text, photo, and white background user puts all attention on the photo quality and value of the textual content. In comparing with skeuomorphism esthetic when an interface was the King, now it tends to be almost “transparent.” This phenomenon influences positively on the market in general because product owners start thinking more about a value of their products and not just how it looks.

2. UI Interactions/Animations

Any interaction with ‘real-world’ object gives visual, audial or tactile feedback to a ‘user.’ When it comes to digital interfaces, we are quite limited in the sense of tactile feedback because user interacts just with a piece of glass.

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3. Don’t be afraid to use offbeat effects

In case you are tired of ordinary GIFs, you can add Cinemagraphs to the designs. Simple photos flavored with minor moving elements is the very effect that will attract users’ attention.

4. Personalized text fonts

Many apps come with a standard font that carries throughout the application. It is believed that now, app designers will look to incorporate fonts and writing styles that will differentiate their app from the rest, and also act as a type of brand signature. An app could have multiple text styles for different sections or purposes, all left to the creative brains behind the app development process.

5. Use gestures which are targeted

It is important to know the target audience for whom the designing venture has been undertaken. Different target audience would prefer different forms of targeted gestures. The double tap and pinch may work for one category of the audience, but it may not be very popular among the other. UX designers will look to fully take advantage of this situation by adding more importance to Touch gestures within their apps. This means that we are going to see applications put more emphasis on Touch and allow users to seamlessly navigate or use their functions. This will be done by permitting users to use gestures such as swiping to get their point across, rather than having to navigate manually through a bunch of menus before they get where they want to be.

6. Use illustrations that provide details

The prime function of the design trends is to fetch the attention of the users and by using an illustration that provides details the users can be held for a longer span of time which ultimately will increase the chances of success of the design. Design trends are mostly about grabbing the user’s attention and holding it. Via the use of detailed illustrations you too can pull the user in. It could be something as simple as a layout or an infographic. While a larger screen is preferred, illustrations can be made to look good on any screen.

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7. Material Design

I’m not sure it should be here, but it is more a ‘visual’ trend. Material design was introduced some time ago by Google through its array of apps and tools that help other developer create apps of their own, emulating this design style. The concept behind Material design is simplicity and how users can make the most out of an app in the fastest manner possible. This minimalistic trend seems to be the main guideline for app design still. Designers use Google Material Guideline elements almost everywhere, even in iOS. That’s understandable because it includes two trends mentioned above (Flat 2.0 and interaction).

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8. GIFs & other animations

A lot of websites and apps use animations for a while. What’s new is that GIFs are going mainstream. Now built into Facebook and Twitter, GIFs can also be used for your web design. Gifs and animations continue being trendy, but become more meaningful. Gifs can assist you to create showcases about why your app is helpful, and make more interactive UI design by showing how to use your app’s tools.

9. VR/AR interfaces design

Exploring interfaces for virtual and augmented reality is a real trend of nowadays and might be a trend in the future as well. It’s a place where skeuomorphism gets a new live in 3d and flat design still widely used for informational elements.

10. Flat Design

This is old but using countinousily by designer as the best ever green trend. Designers are increasingly going this route and it has become a philosophy for mobile app design. The idea behind this philosophy is communicating functionality with simple images and clarity without all the real life cues and detail regarding what they are all about. It’s more about functionality than style while getting rid of dimensions and shadows. You can see the flat concept in use in the below image.

Latest trends of UI design, seen of most websites today

User interface plays an important role in web design without it, web design is not fully completed. Trends change ever-rapidly in UI design. They keep up with demanding needs of technology and the public. Here are the latest trends of UI design, seen of most websites today:

  • Responsive Design
  • Flat Design
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Large Image Showcases
  • Better Typography Usage
  • Simple Design
  • Short Video clips
  • Fixed Navigation
  • Video/Moving Background

Hope these trends will help you. Happy design!!

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