Fresh Liquid Splash Photographs by Markus Reugels

I am a self-proclaimed photographer and I am always in search for source of inspiration for whenever I have the change to click my camera again.

There are a lot of photography galleries that exist where you can have a good idea for any upcoming photo session but sometime you doesn’t need to go deeper the world wide web just to find what inspiration you’re looking for, like what had happen the other day, I just came across a tweet about this creative splash photograph of Markus Reugels, and man! They are just so awesome, the colors, the shapes, the rhyme that they portrait.

Shooting a splash or a liquid pour is often associated with high speed strobes. Today we would like to take the complexity out of creating these unique images and will show you that it can also be achieved with a clamp lamp (continuous light source).

So here I am sharing them now to bring you a liquid splash photograph inspiration.

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