Live Blog Tools of Google: A Review

There are several internet marketing tools that can help you to improve your website rank in the search results of popular search engines. Among those internet marketing tools, review is a great tool that can improve your website ranking. In this world of several numbers of brands for each product, reviews play a significant role to make a final decision.

A review can be a good tool of Google to decide the ranking of the website. A review is something given by the consumer itself to the website on the basis of services received from that website. However, firstly you have to concentrate on bringing customers to your website. You can get your customers with the help of proper target marketing. Among this, you have to be very specific about the keywords that can improve your site ranking. Some businesses grab 5-8 keywords for same thing, so as to bring large number of consumers to their website. You can use keyword finding tool of Google to find the related words that are searched by majority of people.

Consumer’s reviews: Each company says that their products are the best in the market. However, in reality, only prospective consumers can tell you which product is the best one as they have already used the product. This increases the importance of reviews for a specific product. However, a consumer of specific product will not going to review all brands or websites of same product. It is done by different people using different product. The review is obtained by the majority gained by these consumers. Every website or business get review rating, which tells the visitors about the liking of the product by consumers majority. A review could be a good marketing tool as people use to review websites only if they purchase something from that site. This is the reason it has now become a live blog tool for Google. Google can also see the reviews of a specific blog and according to the review; Google can decide the rank of that website. This increases the importance of reviews in sites and blogs as they are of keen importance in deciding the rank of websites.

Original contents: For getting good reviews, there are some responsibilities that have to be fulfilled sincerely. Sometimes, visitors stop their visit in a review site if the site has duplicate contents. You must not have any duplicate contents in your blog as some preventive measures by Google like “Google Slap” will drop your website rank if they don’t find unique content in your blog. Moreover, unhappy visitors will kick your blog by their poor words. If you want to make a successful blog, you must be genuine and create your own stuffs. You must not post duplicate items as it will ruin your blogging career.

HTML codes: If you have review site with original contents, you can also take use of open space for your advantage. A number of companies will provide you HTML codes that you can put on the website for promotion.

Summary: A review is an important blog tool of Google that can be used to improve your blog ranking.

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